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Welcome to my Genus Hour!!

No description

Kimberly Guadnola

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to my Genus Hour!!

Welcome to my Genius Hour!!
How will I be able to do this?
I am going to do this by looking up cake decorating blogs and looking at pictures of cakes.
Hear is a picture of the cake.
My topic for Genius Hour is Cake Decorating!
I really like cake decorating and I love messing around with the frosting.
My question for my genius hour is "What colors do I use and how do I use them?"
This is the most important question to me because I love to decorate cakes and you sometimes want it perfect.
Here is what I used to smooth the frosting out and what I used to put the frosting on the cake
1. plastic bags
2. metal tips
3. rubber spatula
4. frosting's cups
5. powdered suger
Here are the frosting's I used to frost the cake in the next slide.
1. white
2. silver
3. pink
4. gold
5. baby blue
6. purple
What is the best part for me?
The best part is in the end is seeing your work stand out.
By Kimberly Guadnola
I also used real flowers and tape.
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