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Why being vegan is better than being a carnivore

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Leia Jessing

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Why being vegan is better than being a carnivore

What does 'vegan' mean?
Being vegan means you eat nothing from an animal. At all. Like. Nothing. At all.
So why do vegans become vegan?
There are many reasons as to why someone would become vegan, but most vegans by now have already figured out that anything that comes from an animal is unhealthy.
Beef or 'cow' as some may put it have a rougher 'life' than made out. To put it lightly, they are abused. Some examples of the abuse are-
The same thing goes for pork. In many ways they can be unhealthy towards us, and are severely abused before hand.
Chickens probably have the most abuse out of the whole litter. And if you think about it, chicken is the most served item in schools and popular in certain fast food restaurants.
So in conclusion,
Animals that are being abused are most defiantly not healthy to eat- they would be if they weren't abused, but sadly this is not the case- so until they are not abused, might as well be healthy and not eat anything from an animal.
Along with this,
Some may become vegan because animals are abused.
Just imagine this. 4,000 McDonalds burgers all lined up in a row. Looks good right? All of those burgers are from one cow. McDonalds says they use everything they can. They weren't lying.
Why being vegan is better than being a carnivore.
*Female cows are kept pregnant for the milk you drink. Also the movies use happy farm hands to milk the cows. They don't use they're machines.

*Remember how we said that they use machines? Well the machines aren't cleaned at all and cause the utters to become infected and there may be pus in the milk! Which can cause you to become sick. And its just nasty.
*Male cows are pumped up with steroids and locked into very small pens until they leave for the slaughter house. They are also malnourished and die before even getting to the house.
*Cow meat is extremely hard to digest, so in order for it to pass, it sits in your stomach for days until it eventually rots out.
*The things that the pigs eat, which are normally steroid filled slop, we eat, considering they digest and distribute the good/steroids so quickly before slaughter.
*Like cows, the pigs are kept in small pens, but are crowded. Even though they are fed more than they should, some are starved to death still because of these conditions.
Why hurt it?

Newborn piglets are kept with their mother for the first months of life. The light is also a heat source, which can at times overheat the animals, possibly causing burns. That is so not Charlotte's Web.
Most chicken products have a pink filling that is actually made up of chicken tendons, feet, eyes, etc., rather than the full on chicken breast. Chicken ice cream... Mmm.
You see this? They're not killed THEN strung up. They're strung up like this then killed by boiling them in water and if they dont die, they chop their heads off.
Oh yeah. Eating Meat
The reason carnivores think that we are lying about their meat being unhealthy is because human beings have been eating meat for centuries. But the reason that the meat is becoming contaminated with all the abuse being done- and yes physical abuse can effect your meat.

You saw what happens. No explanation needed :)
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Famous vegans
There are plenty of famous vegans! These vegans include: Bill Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Emily Deschanel, Oliver Sykes, Ellen Degeneres, Ozzy Osbourne, Mike Tyson, the list goes on!
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