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Famous Mathematician Project

No description

Justin Wu

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Famous Mathematician Project

Famous Mathematicians Research Project by: Justin Wu Mathematician: Leonardo de Pisa (Fibonacci) Birth Date
Death Date Birth: At around 1170

Death: At around 1250
(at around age 75 years old) Places of Birth and Death Place of Birth: Pisa, Italy

Place of Death: Pisa, Italy (when Pisa was defeated by Genoa in a naval battle His Education Fibonacci was born in a wealthy family. He had a fine education and wealthy life. He became a mathmatician and discovered the Fibonacci sequence. He was also famous and known around the world. He liked math and was good at it. He had a very fine education. Contributions to the Field of Mathematics He has discovered the Fibonacci sequence and has been added to the mathematician's list. The Fibonacci sequence is when you start with the number one and you add one so:
1+1 which is 2 and then use the last number plus the answer so 1+2 which is 3 and the 2+3 which = 5 then 8, 13,21,34,55,89, and then etc. This sequence is useful when doing math and math tests when in need. Relevance of the contributions to mathematics today Fibonacci's math is useful today because of our math program is in need of work and so we use the Fibonacci sequence in our everyday use. We use this sequence for homework, learning, education, and research. Bibliography

http://math.about.com/od/mathematicians/a/fibonacci.htm THE END
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