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Is Vancouver a Renaissance City?

No description

Harneet B

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Is Vancouver a Renaissance City?

Science and Technology
Trade and Finance

-Vancouver is a known earthquake zone. The weather is wet, cloudy, and mild (relative to other Canadian cities) during winter.

-It only takes 45 minutes to drive to the border with the United States and 2½ hour drive from Seattle.

-Vancouver is a coastal, seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia and is south to the Fraser River.

-Most of the streets in Vancouver run North and South while the avenues run West and East. Most avenues are numbered (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) with the exception of Broadway and King Edward Avenue. All the streets are names. Making it really easy to find your way around.

- Has many tourist attractions such as Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium, Granville Island, Science World, Stanley Park and Grouse Mountain.

- Vancouver is one of Canada's youngest cities.Vancouver has a large population and a large amount of open space.

- Vancouver's over all area is forty four square miles. Also contains both flat and rocky land.

Social/Political System
-Vancouver's government gets help from both citizens, who serve on advisory boards and committees, and staff, who work in specialized areas, to shape how decisions will be made. Vancouver has a splendid history of engaged citizens who have contributed to making Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world.

-The Park Board is made up of seven Commissioners, who are elected for a three-year term. The Chair and the Vice Chair are elected by the commissioners for a one-year term. They set the view and the rules that guide the Board's services and programs. The Board listens to residents and acts as their voice to make sure that Vancouver parks and recreation remain accessible and sustainable.

-Vancouver, unlike other parts of British Columbia has provincial statute, the Vancouver Charter. Which allows the city more and different powers than other communities under BC's Municipalities Act.

-The organizational structure of Vancouver supports the community. For example, community services shape the city's physical, social, and cultural development.

-Vancouver's mission is to create a great city of communities that cares about the people, environment, and the opportunities to live and work.

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Arts and Culture
-SFU has the Philosophers’ Cafe which is consists of informal public discussions. This program has interested scholars, seniors, students, philosophers, and non-philosophers through their passion for an intelligent conversation.

-Vancouver has philosophy "meetups" where you can interact with the people in your community and hold interesting conversations over dinner. Meetups are where you get together to learn something, do something, share something.

-Creative Thinking Vancouver is a series of interviews with 12 local Vancouver artists and creative people who discuss the mystery of creativity from 12 divergent angles. This shows the difference in terms of thinking.

-Vancouver will be the host of the Urban Land Institute’s international Spring Meeting which is a gathering of real estate, development and urban design professionals who look to create liveable, exciting, caring cities through innovation.

Is Vancouver a Renaissance City?
-The Arts and Health Project allows seniors to involve in the community every week by offering them art workshops. This program includes a professional artist, an intern artist, and a seniors' worker. These weekly events improve the seniors’ health as well as strengthening their sense of well-being. Not only do the seniors benefit from this but so do the workers and artists because they build expertise in the area of working with elders. Artists are currently working with seniors to develop the work in the visual arts, the written word, multidisciplinary performance, and digital storytelling.

-Dance offers a fun and exciting way to exercise. Whether you have experience in dance or not, Vancouver offers lots of opportunities to get out and dance. You can find lessons, dance residencies, and rehearsal spaces at many community centers or you can come out and dance in the parks.

-If Vancouver's natural beauty inspires the artist in you then you can take part in a drawing class or visit the Painter's Circle in Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park to watch professional artists at work.  

-Vancouver is allows you to take photographs throughout the city and parks but if you are a commercial photographer you may need a photography permit if you need to set a scene, block public access, and photograph for advertising or editorial purposes.

-In Vancouver you can sign up for many activities including acting and theatre, busking in parks, creative writing and book clubs, photography and pottery.

The Art and Health Project
Painter's Circle
-Port Metro Vancouver is the largest domestic and international trade and tourism in Canada. This port also strengthens the Canadian economy. This port includes the North shore and South shore trade areas.

-This city is one of North America’s main gateways for trade. The port of Vancouver is number 1 in North America in the category of total foreign exports. The port trades more than $43 billion in goods. There are 69,200 jobs in total at the port.

-The Big Five Canadian banks are located in many areas in Vancouver and although they occupy only a little part of the space they give downtown buildings the right to have their logos on.

-You can get a business license for trade allowing you to work in 6 cities. These cities are Burnaby Corporation of Delta, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, and Vancouver.

Port Metro Vancouver
The Port of Vancouver
Stanley Park
-Vancouver commissioner plans to offer free internet connection everywhere. This will include sites outside like parks and beaches.

-Vancouver is part of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science (CAAS) which is an organization whose goal is to encourage people to learn about science and how it makes a difference in their life. It is easy to understand and allows people to make connections between science, technology and their society.

-In Vancouver you can find Science World which is an organization whose intentions are to engage people in science and inspire them. Offers many activities and hold a variety of events for people any age.

- Vancouver is home to 70% of B.C.’s clean technology. It has more than 800 companies and more than 12,000 employees. One of Vancouver`s strongest attributes is in advanced energy solutions.

-Hosts events such as The Vancouver Economic Commission and the Visual Effects Society. Last year, this event hosted 12,000 people and 20 exhibitors. For 2014, they have expanded the space to accommodate over 40 exhibitors and an even bigger job-seeking crowd.

Hosted Science Events
The Park Board Logo
Vancouver Government
City Hall
A common meetup
-The city makes improvements to city streets and sidewalks if it is requested by someone in the community or proposed by the city.

-Vancouver Airport is investing $1.8 billion to attract new routes and carriers and improve the customer experience. YVR will upgrade terminals, improve baggage systems and enhance safety and security.

-Buildings in Vancouver have been kept for a long period of time but the architecture has improved and advanced over the years for modern uses. For example, Commerce place which is on 400 Burrard Street used to look like a simple 2-storey bank.

-The structure of the Vancouver Public Library is similar to a Roman coliseum which shows the advancements from the time period.

-The Vancouver Park Board and City work continuously to ensure parks, trails, and recreation facilities are designed and well-maintained to meet community needs and meet future population growth.

-The Vancouver Council and staff are always working to make the city's homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more accessible for all residents.

Vancouver public library
Vancouver Airport
View on Human Life and How People should Live

-Vancover has a metropolitan population of 2.3 million which is Canada’s third most populous metropolitan district. There is about 600,000 people living in Vancouver all and usually comes near the top of worldwide ‘best city’ studies.

-Vancouver is often referred to as the “North Hollywood’ because it is has the second most amount of movies/shows shot.

-The city’s offers many opportunities for a variety of activities – from alpine skiing to whale watching. Living in Vancouver, you will experience a much more temperate climate than in the rest of the country. The city has very mild winters. Snow is rare, especially in places close to or at sea level.

-Vancouver feels that people deserve basic medical care which is covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. This is financed by taxes and transfers from the federal government. In addition, there are monthly taxes to be paid by every insured person, based on family size and income.

-The city offers some of the province’s best hospitals, for example British Columbia’s most renowned Children’s Hospital as well as the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. Which is specifically for women’s health and newborns

Children's Hospital
Vancouver North Hollywood
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(All pictures are from prezi).

Science World
SFU Philosophers' Cafe
With all the information I have collected, I would definitely say Vancouver is a renaissance city. There is no reason why anyone should disagree. Vancouver has many characteristics making it a beautiful place. This wonderful city is always advancing and finding new ways to improve and that is all backed up with the evidence I have provided. Vancouver is an amazing place that I think everyone should visit.
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