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Scaffolding your Class!

No description

Mandisa Vinson

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Scaffolding your Class!

Mrs. Vinson
Academic Data Coach

Scaffolding your Class!
What is scaffolding?
Scaffolding is breaking up the lesson into chunks.
Scaffolding vs. Differentiation
Preview text
Discuss key vocabulary
Read and stop
Different piece of text to read
Shorten or alter text
Modify writing.
When do I used scaffolding?
Students seem confused.
Introducing the lesson.
Standard is short or requires less lecture.
Small group activity.
Types of Scaffolding
Thank you for your attendance.
Let's Get Started Teams!!!
Open your Folders!

Pre-Teach Vocabulary
Visual Aids
Prior Knowledge
Pause Ask Question
Peer to Peer
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