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Lawmaking Process in Virginia General Assembly

No description

Mr Postlewaite

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Lawmaking Process in Virginia General Assembly

Lawmaking Process in VA General Asssembly
1. Introducing a bill
Elected officials
Elected officials in the Virginia General Assembly write laws and take action in response to problems or issues.
Interest Groups
Individuals and interest groups help shape legislation.
: To protect natural
Formal Powers
The governor of Virginia exercises the formal powers granted by the Virginia Constitution.
Primary issues in legislative process at state level
: To promote an informed and engaged
Lawmaking Process in Virginia General Assembly

In carrying out both the formal and informal powers of the office, the governor fills several roles, including
chief of state
chief legislator
chief administrator
party chief
Cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies,
commissions, and regulatory boards
administer laws
enforce laws

Executive Branch
4. Voting on the bill in each house
: To levy and collect
The Governor's Many Roles
regulate aspects of business and the economy
i.e. overseeing the rules that apply to businesses and trade, and developing initiatives to help businesses and the economy prosper

Executive Branch at the State Level (Continued)
provide services.
e.g. workers compensation, unemployment benefits, Virginia Commission for the Arts
Executive Branch at the State Level (Lastly)
2. Working in committees
3. Debating the bill on the floor of each house
5. Sending the bill to the governor to sign into law
Public health
: To promote and protect the health of its citizens
(i.e., fund health benefits)
State budget:
To approve a biennial (two year) budget prepared by the governor
(e.g. Chesapeake Bay)
Who confirms?
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