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aditya pradhan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 6202_final

The Maintenance Connection Project
ISYE 6202 Spring 2010 Group 5 Marcus Bellamy
Seth Borin
Melih Celik
Sudharshan Krishnan
Veronique Limere
Aditya Pradhan
Mallory Soldner Goals Reduce Backorders
Reduce Picking time
Improve Inventory Accuracy
Improve Daily Process Flow
Low cost implementation Appendices Questions ? - Daily Process Flow - Ordering Suggested Improvements Ordering Daily Process Flow
Model - Basestock model
- Incorporates holding cost
- Incorporates box quantity and minimum quantity Uncertainty in Demand OUTPUT - Reorder point
- Inventory Level
- Cost of holding inventory
INPUT - Target Fill rate per sku
- Lead times per sku
- Inventory and Backorder
Picking Picking Orders
by new
inventory? Inventory
Away When should you place an order to ensure fill rate target is met ? QUERY Inventory
points - Count Late
- Count Less
- Count Often - Skus that are late in the replenishment cycle - Skus to be counted selected based on todays orders - Todays orders
- Inventory level VBA Tolerance level -Orders are clustered into batches Picklist as txt JAVA program Improvements Picking cart recommendations Layers of Implementation
0) Status quo
1) Batching and Inventory Counting
2) Sku re-ordering
3) Inventory levels N Y
How much ? Which? When? Savings calculation - Skus within a tolerance level of the reorder point Actual vs Calculated Holding Cost (annual) Batched picklist as txt
and their sequences Batching Routing - We assume that picks are sequenced
on the serpentine path but the distances
between points are the actual distances $838 $749 $250 Annual Inventory Savings
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