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St Rebecca (Rafqa)

No description

rebecca longmuir

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of St Rebecca (Rafqa)

St Rebecca (Rafqa)
St Rebecca (Rafqa)
Her life
St Rebecca was born June 29 1832 in Himlaya.
She was an only child to parents Saber El-Choboq El Rayess and Rafqa Gemayel.
At the age of seven her mother passed away.
Rebecca's father had financial problems and sent her to work as a servant.
All of her childhood her parents have taught her to love God and pray daily.
Her life
After being pressured into marriage Rebecca decided to devote her life to jesus and become a nun.She had many encounters with jesus but also had suffered,making a request of jesus that she would suffer his pain.after this request she had immediately felt pain.
The pain had become so severe that it had moved from her head to her eye.It required surgery.During the surgery her eye emerged from her socket and instead of panicking she has said to the doctor.
"For Christ's passion, god bless your hands and may God repay you.”
St Rafqa had performed many miracles but the first was Mother Ursula Doumit three days after St Rafqa had passed.Ursula had a difficulty with her throat and swallowing so whilst she slept someone had told ger to get a piece of st Rafqa's soil from her tomb and rub it on her throat and she will be cured.
Why is she a Saint
St Rebecca had become a saint after living and devoting her life to God and show the true meaning of Jesus which is part of the criteria and she had performed numerous miracles to prove thatcher heart is holy and works through Jesus.
St Rebecca is the patron saint of sick people and the loss of parents.
St Rebecca's (Rafqa) feast day is March 23
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