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The Final Solution

No description

Gabriel Cornier

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Final Solution

The Final Solution
Our Group Members
Gabriel Cornier
What was the "Final Solution?"
"The Final Solution" was the term used to refer to The Nazi's plan to kill and burn the bodies of the Jews.
How was the "Final Solution" suppose to be carried out?
The "Final Solution" was supposed to be carried out by burning the bodies of all the dead Jews and then disposing the ashes.
How many lives were lost as a result of the "Final Solution" and the Holocaust?
Almost 6 million Jewish lives were lost as a result of the "Final Solution" and the holocaust.
Interesting facts...
During the Holocaust, Jews older than 15 had to have ID cards made.
Stephanie Garza
Joshua Neely
Jessie Strother
Who were the implementers of the "Final Solution?"
The implementers of the "Final Solution" were Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi Party
Jew passports had the letter "J" on them.
Jews were ordered to wear yellow stars on their clothing.
Almost 6 million Jewish lives lost.
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