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Keep n' me

No description

Rebecca lynn

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Keep n' me

Richard Wagames Keeper n' Me Richard Wagamese Richard Wagamese Books Summary Symbol's Character Devlopment Theme Recognition Richard is 1 of Canada's foremost Natives storytellers and Author . Since 1979 he's been a newspaper columnist , reporter, radio and television broadcaster and producer, documentary producer and the author of eleven titles from major Canadian publishers. Hes from Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario . The first Native Canadian to win a National Newspaper Award for Column Writing in 1991. Dream Wheels
Keeper n' Me
One Native life
Indian Horse
One story , One song
Ragged Company In Keeper n' Me the main character Garnet Raven is taken from his family at the age of 3 . Raised by white people and being taught wrong about Indians . At the age of 20 Garnet is arrested for getting caught dealing drugs to people . When he is in jail Garnet receives a letter from a man saying that hes his brother and explaining what happened when they were young and how they were searching for him for many years so he can return home and they can all be a family . When Garnet gets out of jail he gives White dog a shot to find out who he really is . The keeper helps Garnet figure out who he is and tells him stories about him growing up and what he was like as a kid . Strong : Garnet is strong because no matter what he didn't lose him self and also never gave up .
Confused : He is confused because he doesn't remember anything and people are telling him things about his past . he has to learn a new way of life .
Opened-Mined : Garnet Raven is open mined cause he accepts poeple help to figure out a new life and just listens to what they are telling him about his past . Garnets Mother: Ma is a symbol because she never stop trying to get Garnet back . She always believed he would come home to her .
The Tribe : the tribe because that where everything went down in Garnet's life . When he got taken and how he got back . Also everything in between .
The letter : The letter is a symbol because when Garnet was in jail the letter is what told him he was Indian and had a different life then how he was raised as . The theme is the beginning is Don't judge people by what they look like cause they can turn out really different. In the middle it was that everyone makes mistakes you just have to learn form them . FORGIVENESS IS KEY. At the end they theme is that you love people for who they are not who you want them to be no matter what there past is . I would recommend this book to people who are native or people that want to know what white people used to think about Natives . I think i learned a lot from Keeper n' Me Garnet Raven
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