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10 major events that happened in looking for alaska

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Jenna Abblett

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of 10 major events that happened in looking for alaska

Looking for Alaska
By: Jenna Abblett
10 major events

Major Event #6
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Major Event #7
Major Event #10
Major Event #1
Major Event #2
Major Event #3
Major Event #4
Major Event #5
Miles meets his room mate at his new boarding school "Culver Creek Boarding School". His room mate is the one who introduces him to his friends but more importantly Alaska. I think it is a major event because it is where miles meets all his frineds who will do anything with or for him through out the novel. He also meets Alaska in this scene and she is one of the main characters in this novel.
In this scene miles get pranked by a group called the week-day warriors. He gets super mad at these kids igniting hate inside him. This is a major event because this is what starts an on going fight between miles group and the week-day warriors, the "rich kids". This fight between the 2 social groups keeps contuniing through out the books and is actually one of the main parts in the book.
The next event is when Miles finds out that Alaska was the one who ratted out Paul and Myra to the principle, getting them expelled. Mrya and paul were in fact week-day warriors and because Alaska ratted them out the fued between the 2 groups got bigger even though no one knows it was Alaska. I believe that this event was important because it was a secret hat Alaska had been keeping and her sharing it with Miles shows that they are growing closer.
The next event is when Alaska tells het friends how she had lost her mother when she was 7 and how she feels about the situation now. This happens after the group pulls their first prank together. I believe that this is an important event because it is when the group is getting closer and reaizes that they are all there for eachother. With planning and pulling this prank and the Alaska realizing they are close enough and she trusts them enough to tell them about her mom.
Alaska dies from a car accident after sneaking off campus. She dies on impact when she runs into a police car that had stopped another car. But because she never breaked everyone thought that she committed suicide. Once Miles and Colone find out they don't think suicide sounded like Alaska so they want to search arounda nd find out why she was upset that night and where she was going. I believe that this event is important because Alaska is one of the main charcater which just died. It also starts the ending of the book and how Miles and Colone go and try to find answers.
The next important event that occured is when
Miles finds a drawing and a quote Alaska left
behind the night of her accident. I believe this
was important because once Miles finds these
2 clues he thinks that Alaska purposly left the
note for him. When Miles thinks this it drives
him to keep going and looking harder. It also
so what brings Colone and Miles back together
after their fall out after Alaskas death.
The next major event is when the old friend group that
oriogionally got together with Alaska to pull a prank
decides that they are going to pull a prank in her honor.
I believe this event is important because it helps the whole
group come back together and realize they still need each
other after Alaska's tragic death. They also help eachother
come to terms with Alaska's death instead of just staying
in the state of denial.
Major Event #8
The next major event that happened is when Alaska's group
got caught smoking and had to go to court and get a
sentencing. The group get sentenced to do 10 hours of work
in the cafeteria. I believe that this event is important
because it shows character in their group and what they
choose to do. But the sentencing also helps bring the group
closer together also the community service at the cafeteria
really helped them bond and show eachother they can trust
Major Event #9
The last major event is when Miles and Colonel keep digging into
what happened to Alaska that night and finally find out
what actally happened that night. They find out that it was
night of her mothers death and Alaska was on her way to go
visit her mothers tumbstone because she thought she had failed
her mother once again. I think that this scene is important
because it wraps up the book and Miles and Colonel finally find
out what happened that night and that all their hard work
trying to find out what happened finally payed off. They also
start to forgive Alaska for leaving for them without a goodbye
and start to understand.
The next major event is when Alaska convinces Miles to
come to her thanksgiving. After convincign his parents he
realizes he would rather be at home but his parents already
bought him a plane ticket so he had to go. After spending
most of the break with Alaska, Miles falls even more in love
with her than he already was. I believe that this event is
important because a a section of the book is how Miles likes
Alaska and it will later lead to him finding out an important
truth about Alaska.
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