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"The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury

No description

Ms Wilkens

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury

"The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury
1. What did Mr. Leonard Mead most love to do?
He loved to go for walks at night.
5. What is Mr. Leonard Mead’s attitude toward the shows on television? Provide support for your answer.
He knows all the types of television shows that there are, they are all the same: quizzes, assorted murders, and comedians.
9. What does Mead’s profession reveal about his character and his place in society?
Mead obviously does not fit into this society. He is not like everyone else who has a "real" career or who spends endless amounts of time in front of the television.
2. What year is the story set?

3. How do people react when they see Mr. Leonard Mead walking?
People would become afraid when they saw someone walking, "...and lights might click on and faces might appear and an entire street be startled by the passing of a lone figure..." (1).
4. Who does Leonard Mead ask, “What’s up on channel 4, channel 7, channel 9?”
He was talking to the houses.
6. Where was Mead on his way to when he was stopped by the police car?
He was going home.
7. What is Mead’s profession?
A writer
8. Why does the voice from the police car respond “No profession”?
It was his way of saying that being writer has no relevance in regards to being a profession.
10. Where is Mr. Mead going to be brought?
To the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies
11. What crime did Mr. Mead commit?
In reality, Mr. Mead didn't commit any crime. However, to the police, walking alone at night seemed too suspicious to them. They are accusing him of being crazy and regressing back to old tendencies; such as enjoying walks at night.
12. What commentary does Bradbury make about television’s role in society through this story?
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