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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

In this presentation, we will discuss and review the setting and how it affects the plot.

Jugdip Khokher

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

BY: Muriel Spark The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The Physical Setting The main Setting place in this book was Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland. Where When The majority of this novel takes place in the late 1920s to the early 1930s. The flash-forward took place either during WW2 or after that. * What was happening worldwide? 1922-1943 Mussolini come to power. 1933-1945- Hitler came to power 1929- The start of the European Great Depression 1939-1945- World War 2 1914-1918- World War 1 The Importance
of the Setting Overall, the story is about Miss Jean Brodie and her prime. The setting influences her behavior and the way she teaches the children in her set. Her conversations were always about different aspects about the world. In Scotland, there was a great evolution in the production of art and music. This was the result of the depression after World War 1. Miss Jean Brodie was very influenced by art and music. During this time, Fascism was a very contradictory concept in Scotland. Sandy betrayed Miss Jean Brodie by telling the principal, Miss Mackay, that Miss Brodie was a true Fascist, and taught Fascism in class. Then, Miss Brodie was fired. The depression after WW1 had an affect on the setting of Edinburgh. There were many poor people living in Scotland. This also affected the topics that Miss Brodie talked about. * Miss Brodie adored the order and discipline of the fascisiti and the Nazi army and tried to implant that type of strictness in her set. * 1936-1939 - Spanish Civil War Inspired by The Soviet Union's government style of Socialism Communism
led the National Fascist Party
was the leader of Italy
one of the founders of Fascism
with the Axis Powers in WW2
executed in 1946
The leader of the Nazis in Germany
waited for the death of the previous president to take over
Nazism- form of Fascism
Nazism was the belief that the Aryan race was better than all Joseph Stalin gained power in Russia after Lenin died
began the idea of Communism
communism- all economic and social activity controlled by a single person or a self- operating political party Hitler and the Nazis THE END NOTE: Please pay attention.
This is IMPORTANT !!!:) BY:
Christine Rosato
Tara Coffey
Sabrina Guiao
Haley Morgan
Jugdip Khokher Hope You Enjoyed !!!!! Mussolini
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