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Raising Unselfish Children in a Self Absorbed World

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Jill Garner

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Raising Unselfish Children in a Self Absorbed World

Meet all their needs but not all their wants. Giving Children Things or Experiences
Not Appropriate for Their Age Giving Things to Meet the Adult's Needs, Not the Child's Giving Too Much and
Expecting Too Little Neglecting to Teach Your Children Life Skills Help Them Develop Patience Tots Tykes Tweens Teens Help Them Develop Responsibility Tots Tykes Tweens Teens Duties help your children... Learn life skills. Become a valuable family member. Become a valuable society member. personal duty family duty personal duty family duty personal duty family duty Stay in touch and visit our store! www.mannersoftheheart.org facebook.com/mannersoftheheart twitter.com/mannersofheart Raising Unselfish Children in a
Self-Absorbed World The Mirror The Window Overindulging Opie and the Spoiled Kid "If we don't teach children to live in society today, what's going to happen when they grow up? What Arnold does at home is none of our business. But when he gets out on the street, he is going to have to answer to us." "When parents give children too much stuff that costs money, do things for children they can do for themselves, do not expect children to do chores, do not have good rules and let children run the family, parents are overindulging."
- Dr. Connie Dawson Indulgent children believe... Unless you're ___________, you can't be happy. Happiness depends on most people liking you. If you fail once, there is no reason to try again. You can't be happy if you miss out on many of the good things in life. Being alone leads to unhappiness. If someone disagrees with you, it probably indicates that person doesn't like you. Your happiness depends more on other people than it depends on you.
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