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Copy of Patricia Polacco

No description

Kathleen McGrade

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Patricia Polacco

Author & Illustrator Patricia Polacco Soon after she moved to Williamston, Michigan. Background: Born in Lansing, Michigan July 11, 1944
as Patricia Barber Life influences Art Many of the events & people in Patricia's life inspire her books. from Art Historian to Children's book author Professional History Holtze, S. (Ed.). (1996). Seventh book of junior authors' illustrators. Ipswich, MA. Retrieved from Biography Reference Bank (The H.W. Wilson Company

Polacco, P. Author info. Retrieved from http://patriciapolacco.com References To date Patricia Polacco has 55
published books. PRESENT The next move was to her grandparents farm in Union City, Michigan When Patricia was three she moved to her grandparents’ farm in Union City, Michigan. The close bond between Patricia and her grandparents influenced many of her stories.

Patricia and her brother often listened to their grandmother tell stories; planting the seed that inevitably grew into a lifelong passion to write and share stories. Patricia Polacco Author & Illustrator based on her relationship with her brother Enzo’s Splendid Garden is a cumulative story. Each new event that happens adds a new line to the plot. The repetition, rhythm, and rhyme that Patricia Polacco employs all help develop fluency in reading. Polacco describes this book
as "truly autobiographical." It is a
book written to honor the
teacher that helped Polacco learn to
read, protected her from bullies, and was and still is her hero. This story is based on an actual quilt
passed down through Polacco's family
from generation to generation. Spent several semesters at California College of Arts and Crafts and Laney College.
Married at age 18 and left school.
After having a son and a daughter she returned to school
Earned a B.A. from Monash University in 1974.
Lived in Australia for five years earning a M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Melbourne. Education... The Artist Although Polacco struggled academically, she was often noticed for her artistic talents.
While in Graduate school, Polacco became a fellow of the Royal Australian Art Historians. It was here that she began her career as a historical consultant; painting and restoring Greek and Russian portraits.
When Polacco moved back to the United States, she began to attend writing workshops . She started making small books as gifts and was encouraged by a friend to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. It was here that she learned how to put together a story into the form of a children's picture book.
In 1987 Patricia's mother funded a trip to New York. They visited 16 different publishing houses, and inevitably sold off all of her work. At the age of forty-one she published her
first book, METEOR!! It was based on the
story of when a meteor fell onto her family's
farm. 1988 Sydney Taylor Book Award

The Keeping Quilt
1989 International Reading Association Award
Rechenka’s Eggs

March 10th 1990 Santa Clara Reading Council
Author’s Hall of Fame

Commonwealth Club of California
Recognition of Excellence
1990 Babushka’s Doll
1992 Chicken Sunday Nov. 14th 1992 Awards
1992 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Golden Kite Award for Illustration
Chicken Sunday

1992 Boston Area Educators for Social Responsibility
Children’s Literature and Social Responsibility Award
Nov. 9th 1993 Jane Adams Peace Asoc. and Women’s Intl. League for Peace and Freedom

Honor award to Mrs. Katz and Tush for it’s effective contribution to peace and social justice. Parent’s Choice Honors:

1991 Some Birthday
1997 Video/ Dream Keeper
1998 Thank You Mr. Falker

1996 North Dakota Library Association Children’s Book Award
My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother

1996 Jo Osborne Award
For Humor in Children’s Literature

1997 Missouri Association of School Librarians
Show Me Readers Award for My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother

1997 West Virginia Children’s Book Award
Pink and Say

1998 Mid -South Independent Booksellers for Children
Humpty Dumpty Award Her place inside of the classroom... Utilizing resources... Pink and Say highlights the brief but intimate friendship of two young boys, Pinkus Aylee (Pink) and Sheldon Curtis (Say), during the Civil War. This is a great story that can help build students background on the Civil War. http://www.patriciapolacco.com/books/pink_and_say/ps_index.html RELATED TOPIC S:
Character Development • Understanding Differences • Bullying •
Teachers & Students • Decision Making • Everyday Heroes
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