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New Packaging Idea

No description

Madison Gullifer

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of New Packaging Idea

Styrofoam Take-out Packages Current Packaging:
Styrofoam New Packaging Idea:
Use grass clippings to
make a paper-type
substance that can be
composted, trashed,
or recycled. The change is important to the environment,
because styro-foam is non-biodegradeable.
If someone throws styro-foam in the garbage,
it will go to a landfill, where it will never break
into the earth. However, if the boxes were made out
of grass clippings, they could be recycled, and if someone threw them away, it would break down, enriching the soil with nutrients. The old product is bad because stryo-foam harms the environment and isn't bio-degradable. But because our product is biodegradeable, it will have success. Sean Asher
Madison Gullifer
Andre Betances THE END!
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