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Theories On The Disappearance Of The Mayans

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Fatima Anguiano

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Theories On The Disappearance Of The Mayans

What happened to the Mayans?
There has been theories on the disappearance on the Mayans some of the theories are the environmental change,warfare and famine theory.
Theories On The Disappearance Of The Mayans

Environmental change theory.
Why the Mayans disappeared was because of the environmental changes. “As the Maya were dependent on the most basic agriculture and a handful of crops,supplemented by hunting and fishing,they were extremely vulnerable to droughts,floods,or any change in condition that affected their food supply.”(What Happened to the Ancient Maya?,2015)

Some researchers have identified some climatic change that occurred around that time: for example, the coastal water levels rose towards the end of the Classic period.
As coastal villages flooded, people would have moved to the large inland cities, placing strain upon their resources while at the same time losing food from farms and fishing
Warfare Theory
Why the Mayans disappeared was because of the warfare. “New discoveries and newly deciphered stone carving clearly indicated the Maya warred frequently and viciously among themselves.” (What Happened to the Ancient Maya?,2015)
The Maya's were known to be peaceful people, but were recently discovered differently by carvings of stones and paintings.
It has been indicated that the Maya's warred frequently and viciously among themselves.
Other city-states such as Dos Pillas, Tikal, and Copan went to war with one another quite often.
Dos Pilla was actually invaded and destroyed by some who would think was the Maya's.
Weapons the Mayans used
What weapons did they use?. “ long Range weapons, arrows, bow (to shoot arrows), deadly wooden gun, blow darts, poison darts, spear thrower, arrowhead.Medium Range Weapons, spear, atlati, sickle, short lances, shards of obsidian, javelins, knapping, yaxha.Close Combat Weapons, club, daggers, shields, copper axes, obsidian blades, sharp rocks, wooden spears tipped with obsidian, sharp chert, flint knife.Weapons Used For Sacrifice, knife, spear, daggers, copper axes, obsidian blades, sharp rocks, flint knife”. (Mayan weapons and how they used them in battle)
Famine Theory
Why the Mayans disappear was because of the famine theory. “ As the Maya civilization advanced, the cities grew, their population growing much larger than could be fed by local production. Improved agricultural techniques such as draining wetlands for planting or terracing hills picked up some of the slack, and improved trade also helped, but the large population in the cities must have put great strain on the food production.” (What Happened to the Ancient Maya?,2015).
The Maya's practiced basic subsistence agriculture by what is called "slash and burn cultivation."They mainly just planted corn, beans and squash.
As the civilization grew, their population grew much larger than they could feed by local production.
The new large population had put a strain on the food supply

Background Info of the Mayans

The Mayans are indigenous Mesoamerican people, they are known for the most advanced culture found in America. The Mayans were a strong and powerful civilization.They were also one of the first civilization.The Maya empire was consists of strong,powerful city-states from Southern Mexico to Northern Honduras.The Mayans were ruled by a dominant elite.The Mayan culture was at it peak and was an advanced culture.The Mayans were in an advanced culture with their calendar, books,writing and language it was created way before us. It was believed that the Mayans were peaceful,largely independent,well now it is known that they weren’t the Mayans weren’t like that at all, each state was ruled by a hereditary line of kings,the cities fought each other for territory and power. The Classic period of the Maya culture began in about 250 C.E. and ended until about 900 C.E. From the eighth century to the end of the ninth century, something unknown happened and the Mayans disappeared.

Facts about the Mayans
The Mayans where the ones that said that the world was going to end in 2012
The Last Mayan Kingdom Existed Until 1697
The Mayans Played Sophisticated Deadly Ball Games
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Hope You guys liked it!
Any questions?
The Mayans have a total of 190 gods.
Today the descendents of the Mayans are in central America, Honduras Guatemala and Mexico
The calendar are 3 The Haab,The Tzolkin and the Long count.
Today only a few people talk dialect,the Mayans Language
One of the Main gods of the Mayans. He was the founder of the Maya culture. He thought his people how to grow also write, create a calendar, and medicine.
Time Line
IB reflection
How my project connect to one of the I.B. global contexts is well the disappearance of the Mayans is related to the personal and cultural expression because the Mayans are part of a culture they are part of the culture of the Hispanics,of Mexicans. People that are descendants of the Mayans to them it is personal.
Two I.B. learner profiles that represent my project is open-minded,and inquire because the disappearance of the mayans make you ask question it makes you think of what happened to them.The disappearance of the Mayans is open-minded because you get to understand the culture of the Mayans.
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