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the new csh website...

Derek Wheeler

on 28 December 2010

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Transcript of CSHweb

I have to recruit new staff for my team, how do I do it? I've just arrived, where do I go for... What does FAO
do for staff
with HIV/AIDS? How does my work fit into
the strategic framework? How can I improve
my communication skills
to better explain
my work? your questions ANSWERED... a clean new design... up-to-the-minute
news Quicklinks for easy access
to the information you need consistent navigation
and downloads and more from the people
behind it all. The New CSH Website coming April 2010 REFORMING HR
IN FAO Strategic Context “FAO’s human resources are the main asset of the Organization, providing the totality of its technical support to Member Countries.” Immediate Plan of Action (IPA), paragraph 42 Reforming,
modernizing HR:
The Human Resources
Division (CSH)
is reforming,
modernizing. Members
and the Secretariat:
High priority placed on HR reform as set out in the Independent External Evaluation (IEE) and further elaborated in the Immediate Plan of Action (IPA) and Root and Branch Review (RBR). Programme of
Work and Budget 2010-11:
Priority to reform,
modernise HR under the Programme of
Work and Budget
(PWB) 2010-11. Where we are... Progress made in 2009 Performance Evaluation and Management System (PEMS): Successfully piloted and is now being rolled out to all staff. Everyone in the Organization who has not yet received PEMS training will so by early this year. Management/leadership training: A new Management and Leadership Program (MLP) was instituted and comprises three key components: Management Development Center Executive Coaching Programme Leadership Development Curricula Management and Organizational Effectiveness Forum: Scholars from the world’s leading institutions shared their expertise with staff over a two day period, with much of the event web-streamed. New HR Policies: Important HR policies are being developed, including new work life balance policies, mobility policy, internship and junior professional programmes, among others. Management Information Reporting: A new system is being developed critical for accurate and timely access to HR information to aid organizational planning. Support to HQ restructuring: Initiated in 2009 and to be completed this year, HQ restructuring as recommended by the IEE and IPA. This project includes:New GS job profilesCompetency framework Streamlining: To improve operational efficiency and client satisfaction progress has been made with streamlining HR processes, for example:iRecruitment has been developed, pilot tested and is now being rolled out. Some Service Level Agreements have been defined.Many HR transactional activities/processes are now electronic and have been moved to the Shared Services Centre (SSC).HRMS deployed to almost all FAO representations and the travel system is now available in most sub regional offices. Under review or currently being implemented for Recognition and Rewards, Inclusive Work Environment, and Career Development and Advancement. CSH is also coordinating Staff Day celebrations to be held on 20 April. Where are we going... HR Strategic Framework and Action Plan Will serve as a roadmap and reporting tool for the Division in 2010-11 It is intended to be
living document,
to be revised and
updated as we
go along. The ‘Strategic Framework’ summarizes the strategic environment in which HR operates The ‘Action Plan’ constitutes a roadmap with timelines and indices All HR products and services support achievement of seven Unit Results in line with FAO’s new results-based planning framework The Unit Results, in turn, support achievement of Functional Objective Y – efficient and effective administration Unit Result 1: Focuses on the delivery of the HR Management and Information Reporting (HRMIR) system IndicatorUR1 Indicator/s: Number of standard reports available on-line;
client satisfaction with quality and accuracy of data Main activities in 2010-11
Pilot release of dashboards
Staff training on extraction of HR information reports
Further development of reports Unit Result 2: Focuses on recruitment policies and practices Indicator
UR2 Indicator/s: % of countries that are equitably represented; % of female staff in different categories Main activities in 2010-11
Establishment of coordination point for entry level programmes
Endorsement and implementation of Gender Action Plan
Wider advertisement of vacancies to candidates in target countries Unit Result 3: Focuses on the delivery of staff development programmes Indicator UR3 Indicator/s: Increased number of appropriately selected managers completing FAO core managerial training; % of staff participating in PEMS ; % increase in competency ratings of staff participating in PEMS Main activities in 2010-11
Further development of MLP, AMLP and coaching programmes
FAO “Virtual Academy’ piloted – a blended approach to learning
Roll-out of PEMS to all staff on FT or continuing contracts Unit Result 4: Focuses on the delivery of FAO’s competency framework IndicatorUR4 Indicator/s: Competency framework model defined and endorsed at corporate level; restructuring changes implemented in accordance with timeframes Main activities in 2010-11 Endorsement of finalized competency framework
Full implementation of new HQ organizational structure
Implementation of new GS job evaluation standards Unit Result 5: Focuses on reforming the HR function to provide better and more strategic service to FAO IndicatorUR5 Indicator/s: HR function changes defined and implemented; full staffing of the new HR function Main activities in 2010-11
Implementation of career development/capacity building functions
Framework on HR partnership established
HR competency and accountability frameworks reviewed Unit Result 6: Focuses on the effective deliver of HR services, guided by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Indicator UR6 Indicator/s: Number of services covered by SLAs with performance monitoring systems; Client satisfaction with quality and accuracy of data Main activities in 2010-11
SLAs finalized and endorsed for all core HR services
Client feedback gathered through satisfaction survey
Analysis and circulation of results Unit Result 7: Focuses on HR policies, procedures & practices Indicator UR7 Indicator/s: Level of client satisfaction with new policies and procedures Main activities in 2010-11
Finalization of Mobility policy in line with Guiding Principles
Implementation of JPP and retirees policies
Review of flexible working arrangements policy Results based management (RBM) - falls under Unit Result 3Results based training programme:

Has been developed and is being rolled out to build staff and management capacity on RBM.

RBM training: Based on four modules to be rolled out in tandem with staged implementation of RBM, namely:
Implement & Monitor
Review & Report
Learn & Adapt

RBM video: Has been developed and will be available in Spanish around March. Areas of Special Emphasis Areas of Special Emphasis Improving communications - falls under Unit Result 5Improving communications:

CSH is working to improve communication and ensure that HR information is available and accessible. This includes the development of a new product and services based website.

CSH web stories and HR Director’s corner: We are working to better promote all the great work we do through CSH web stories that will be featured on our new homepage. An information box has been created on FAO’s Intouch titled ‘HR Director’s corner’ which lists the latest HR related news. Any ideas you have for stories are most welcome.

Contact information and feedback: Communications is a two ways street. We need to be open to and work harder to respond to client queries. A generic CSH email address for questions and/or feedback has been set up (HR-Division@fao.org) and detailed contact information will also be listed on the website. Areas of Special Emphasis Strengthen HR with the Organization - falls primarily under Unit Result 5

New positions in CSH: To better support staff and move CSH away from an administrative/processing role into a strategic business partner, new Human Resources Officers positions have been advertised, including for:

HR Staffing
HR Strategy
HR Policy
HR Communications
HR Capacity Building and Partnership The new CSH logo and slogan are intended
as visual markers of where we want to be
and what we are working towards.... Slogan: The CSH slogan, Reforming HR – Investing in people, building partnerships
and ensuring service excellence, is where we are placing all of our energy and are
committed in delivering.
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