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Grant Seeking: Finding funding for your cause

No description

Laura Carr

on 11 March 2018

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Transcript of Grant Seeking: Finding funding for your cause

Meet with key staff or board members
Learn about their interests & priorities
Ask about their biggest needs
Explore how you can help them
Look for ways to work together
to accomplish both of your goals
Grant Seeking
Make a case
One project for which you need support
And for your project...
The state of charitable giving
Types of grantmakers
Giving USA 2017
Grant Makers
Grant Recipients
Finding funding
for your cause
Total Charitable Giving in 2016: $390.05 billion
Who can apply?
What do funders look for in a grantee?
Do funders only support well-established organizations?
What about funding restrictions based on religion?
What types of support are available?
Do funders restrict giving based on religion?
Private Foundations
Grant-making public charities
Corporate giving programs
Government entities
Mission of your organization
The needs it meets
How it meets those needs
Annual operating budget
Major sources of funding
3 things that demonstrate credibility
for your cause
Amount needed
Start and end dates
Sustainability plan (one sentence)
How the project fits with your overall mission and goals
Getting Started:
Personal Connections
Geographic Location
Subject Area
Demystifying the 990-PF
How to read it and extract what you need
Contact Info
Board of Directors
Grantmaking Information
Types of charities funded
Accepts new applications?
Giving over the years
Is this grant a good fit?
Identify Propects
Analyze three foundations
Dig a little deeper with one by
comparing multiple year 990-PFs
Public Charities
& Other Grantmakers
Corporate Giving
Matching Gifts
In-Kind Gifts
Philanthropic Gifts
Sponsorships & Advertising
Local business vs.
major corporation
Different pots
Store level
Corporate divisions
Corporate foundations
funding that fits

Fears of government funding
Are your programs fundable?
Must be evidence-based
Proven and effective method
Separate spiritual programs from serving the social sector

Live within your values without having to proof-text
Change your mindset about outreach
Cannot proselytize but instead you are living the Gospel

Are you selling out? Not necessarily....
Agency releases
an RFP
are selected!

Eligible organizations submit proposals
A great idea
A panel of
peer reviewers read and score proposals
Congress appropriates funds
The Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
Finding the Leads
The CFDA contains detailed program descriptions for 2,251 federal assistance programs (updated 11/30/17).
Find grant opportunities by agency, number, and by topic using Grant Search. Clicking on a listing leads you to the grant guidelines, deadlines, eligible applicants, the amount of money available, and the estimated number of grants to be awarded. You can also subscribe to regular e-mail alerts.
Be Prepared!
2) Apply for a DUNS # (Data Universal Number System)
3) Register with SAM (System for Award Management) online. Designate an eBusiness Point of Contact (eBiz POC). This person will be given a special password called an MPIN. This allows this person to have sole authority to designate who may submit applications on behalf of the organization. Allow 5 business days to complete this application if you already have your EIN or TIN. If you don't, allow two weeks to obtain that information from the IRS.
4) Designate your Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) – the person in the agency actually submitting the grant. AOR must wait one business day after registering with SAM to register with Credential Provider to get a username and password that serves as an electronic signature. Then the AOR needs to ensure he or she is registered for an account with grants.gov.
5) Once the AOR is registered with grants.gov, the eBIZ POC will receive an e-mail notification. He or she must then authorize the AOR. Track AOR status to ensure registration is complete.
6) Have all paperwork ready (checklist)
7) Carefully examine RFP to determine how funding may affect ministry
8) Be prepared for the time investment
Find organizations with similar missions or goals
Find Opportunities for Collaboration
Find Funding Opportunities
Annual Reports
Form 990s
Letters of support will make your proposal stronger.
Organizations may partner with you on a grant proposal. They may be willing to identify and/or write the proposal, and it will be a much stronger application with partnerships.
Funders who are interested in a similar cause are likely to be open to supporting your organization.
Identify two organizations for networking purposes
Online Tools
Foundation Center & Grantspace
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Grantsmanship Center
The NonProfit Times (Grants tab)
RFP Subscription Lists
GrantStation Insider (discounts are often available at TechSoup)
Grant Siren (free weekly e-mail)
Philanthropy News Digest (PND)
Grants.gov Updates
Making the Call
Introduce Yourself
Funding Priorities
Application Process
Contact Preferences
Thank You
Keep detailed notes of your conversation!
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dept. of
Dept. of
the Interior
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