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My Accounts!

Okay, so I am about to show you most of my computer accounts.

Ani Lee

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Accounts!

My Accounts! Okay, so I am about to show you most of my online accounts. My first account is on wikispaces.com.
I made this account because it is very useful and I need to use it for school.
I also find it useful because I am able to see all of the Wiki's that my teachers have, so that I can catch up on work or see my assignments and homework. I also have my own profile that is all about me that others can see.
Over all, I think that Wikispaces is the most useful account that I have, because, by looking at it I can catch up on school work and more. Another account I have is at www.blogger.com.
It is really cool because it is a blog and I am able to post all sorts of different posts and pictures.
I can also add graphics and unique backgrounds to my blog.
Like Wikispaces, I didn't make blogger that long ago, so I don't have that much posts.
But, beside that, I think bloger is a really cool and useful account that I have. One of my most favorite accounts that I have made is www.igoogle.com.
I think it is pretty cool, because I am able to keeps track of Current Events by having RSS Feeds and at the same time I can have RSS Feeds for my friends blogger accounts and their posts! Their are also many games and themes that you can choose from. My last account which I am about to tell you about is my First Class account. It is an email account which all my teachers and classmates at my school can email me from. I also get emails about things going on at the school and how I can participate of watch whatever is going on. I can also email teachers my work sometimes and receive their feedback. I think First Class is really good for school. This is an expample of one of my RSS pages on iGoogle.
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