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No description

emma schoville

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of geisha

The end! Kimono Split peach hair style make up ingredients Mite itadaki arigatgozaimasu!

(thanks for watching!) Geisha Obi sash white clay nightingale dung + = white face paint Geisha's rarely ever wash their hair it is often greasy and waxy kimono costs around 10,000 dollars for one kimono and it takes a very long time to make An obi is always worn with a kimono and can be as long as a room and it is tucked and stretched to fit the geisha's body Dannas Danna means patron and he supplies the Geisha with kimono and gifts also he pays for geisha's parties mizuage mizuage was a ceremony of selling a girls virginity to luck men with a lot of money, who payed the most for it. luckily they do not do this because it became illegal in 1959 this rice cake is given to the mizuage to show that their virginity is for sell and it is a very erotic sign. it was also given to potential buyers of the miko (apprentice geisha) Emma Schoville Ekubo this is a simple mixture of ingredients that make the famous white face pant it used to be toxic and turn the geisha's neck and skin yellow
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