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physiology of the heart

Zoltán Nagy

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of HEART

80 (mm Hg) 120 (mm Hg) systolic diastolic P P elderly
people Windkessel
effect incisura arterial
blood pressure Korotkoff sounds Electrical Activity of the Heart
The Cardiac Pump perfusion of the organs pump function forward
failure backward
failure 7 (mm Hg) 80 (mm Hg) 120 (mm Hg) atrilal systole rapid ejection isovolumetric relaxation reduced ejection S4. S3. S2. sudden block of reverse blood flow
blood oscillation
stretching of the AV valves
"lub" M1. T1. A2. P2. rapid filling
the ventricular wall stretches
ventricular gallop
"lub-dub-ta" blood oscillation
"dub" OS. EC. A2. P2. ejection click
turbulence rapid ventricular filling reduced ventricular filling isovolumetric contraction S1. heart sounds dP/dt -2000 2000 left ventricular
pressure systole diastole diastole P TP ST PQ T J S R Q preload afterload HR contractility ECG atrial depolarisation ventricular depolarisation ventricular repolarisation isoelectric integral vector limb leads projection vector (hypertension) 50 ml 120 ml end-systolic volume (ESV) EF: ejection fraction
(SV/EDV) end-diastolic volume (ESV) dP/dt max index of contractility stroke volume
SV 0 0.8 Time(s) a c v atrial contraction closure of the valves contraction: descending basis ventricular contraction pressure
(mmHg) atrial
pressure venous pulse split secound heart sound
venosus return
ventricular filling
ejection time
split mitral regurgitation mitral stenosis aortic regurgitation aortic stenosis MVc MVo AVo AVc TP = ST PV loop Zoltán Nagy MD
Institute of Human Physiology and Clinical Experimental Research, Semmelweis U. arterial
(l/min) 5 0 72/min 100/min HR propranolol atropin EDV[ml]; CVP[mmHg] SV
CO +inotropic -inotropic ß-blockers ß-agonist heart failure W= P•V + 1/2•m•v 2 total external work pressure volume work kinetic energy
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