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Digital Curation: more than just collecting

incorporating digital curation into the classroom

Naomi Bates

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Digital Curation: more than just collecting

Digital Curation: More than collecting
What is Digital Curation
Adding all types of digital elements focusing on one particular topic or collection

Tools for Curation
Ideas for using curation in the classroom
archiving tweetchats
Going back to the beginning....
Favorites on your browser
Examples of Digital Curation in Education
Scoop.it for Geometry
Online bookmarking like Delicious
Email archives
Document sharing services (ie Google Docs)
Creating and MAINTAINING a collection to keep it current
Creates a broader PLN
It's not about the curator, but the intent of the curation
creating an online classroom magazine
Allowing students to curate on a unit for visual feedback
Students curating and presenting on a topic
Flipping using curation and following student comments
editing and evaluating curated topics
using curation as a research project for works cited
Packaged around a theme
Uses Bloom's through forum and discussions
Impacts digital literacy and student engagement/creativity

Pinterest for American History
Edcanvas for all disciplines
Something to Think About...
Rubrics – evaluators or limitors? A checklist for minimum work or a expander of creativity?
What do apps and websites do vs. what students create? (Pinterest, Symbaloo, Livebinders) Most do 99% of the creativity, students just punch in the information.
"Engaging Higher Education Students in Digital Curation"
Digital Curation:
Digital Collection Curation by Joyce Valenza:
Which tools will you use and
how will you know how to
utilize it?
gathering and curating for classroom debate
comparing and contrasting in all disciplines
curating across content collaborative projects (ie history and English classes
Youtube for all disciplines
Livebinders and the Library
Symbaloo for biology
online storage sites
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