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Contemporary Art & Social Issues

No description

Emma Souza

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Contemporary Art & Social Issues

Contemporary Art and Social Issues What inspires? What captures your attention? Why is it so popular? What kind of materials are used? Modern Relevance There is an abundance of issues in our society, many of which people are very familiar with and feel strongly about. The message the works carry is subtle yet comprehensible. That is why many people like contemporary art and support its development. Because the concept being carried by the art pieces is relevant to current situations, there are many foundations and private corporations support the growth and emergence of contemporary art. Artists use modern, revolutionary, and even digital media to create art instead of the usual painting tools such as acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and other traditional tools.
Now artists use whatever they can get their hands on to create their masterpieces. Most contemporary art pieces are popular because they appeal to modern society. Contrary to traditional art, contemporary art doesn't necessarily need to be beautiful because even if it isn't, the viewer feels deeper emotion towards the image. Many artists derive their inspiration from problems such as poverty, ostracism, isolation, anger, frustration, repression and other strong emotions that translate themselves into the finished product and becomes a work of art. In recent years, artists from third world countries
have slowly gained fame for producing pieces that are not only beautiful, but functional. They have learned to use materials such as recycled garbage or indigenous materials. They use their native background as a pillar for unique and functional art. This type of modern art is becoming more and more popular among modern thinkers because it utilizes current social, political, and religious issues
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