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How can spreadsheets be used to solve complex problem

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chloe stephens

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of How can spreadsheets be used to solve complex problem

Unit 42: Spreadsheet Modeling
The many uses of Spreadsheets
Manipulating Complex Data
Complex problems that can be solved with spreadsheets
Additional Worksheets
Inside a Excel document you can add several worksheets without creating multiple documents. All you have to do is click the small plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
Whats so good about spreadsheets?
They can be used to solve complex problems.
They can be used in businesses to store important information and all together replace lodges.
They are compatible with other programs such as Word and Powerpoint.
Who would use them?
Many people use spreadsheets in the world of work!
Cash Flow Forecasting
Used to guess net cash flow of a business over a future period.
Estimates cash inflows and outflows of bank.
Rolling calculations, FORECAST function, WHAT IF scenarios.
Budget Control
Changes that need to be made according to a budget plan.
Can figure out whether or not a manager has done a good job, or if future budget plans need to be changed.
Tallies, SUM function, comparing expenses to income, comparing actual expenses and income to anticipated expenses and income.
- used to keep track of money, clients etc.
- used to keep track of students, courses, teachers and timetables.
- used to record money and products.
Presentation Requirements
Supporting Decision Making
Manipulating Complex Data
Checking for Duplicates using the exact command
Allows two cells to be compared.
Returns a true or false value.
Case sensitive.
Useful when changes in the data need to be found.
Presentation Requirements
Cells and text can be made to stand out by changing their colour.
Cells and text can be made to stand out by changing their size.
Makes spreadsheet presentable and easy to read.
Supporting Decision Making
Analysis of Data
Pivot tables and charts allow data to be analyzed easily and quickly.
Mathematical Functions
Password Protected
Mathematical symbols can be used to add, divide, times and take away different cells. Simply type in the = sign and then the name of a cell then a + sign and then another cell and press enter. This will add them together.
To password protect your worksheets from people changing your data, go to FILE, INFO, PROTECT WORKBOOK, and then chose the option on what you want to protect. You can chose to protect one worksheet or the whole document.
D1: Discuss how organizations can use interpretation methods to analyse data
Mathematical Functions
An amount obtained as a result of adding numbers.
To name or list (the units of a group or collection) one by one in order to determine a total.

(Mathematics) to establish or work out a subtotal for (a column, group, etc)
P1: Explain how spreadsheets can be used to solve complex problems
A quantity, rating, or the like that represents or approximates an arithmetic mean.
expressed, given, or exact to the nearest multiple or power of ten; in tens, hundreds, thousands
Charts and Graphs
Charts and Graphs are visual ways to display data. They are used because they are colourful and grabs the attention of the reader. They are also clear and easy to read which simplifies complex data. However if the data you have inputted incorrectly then the chart will not show the correct data.
Data can be put into step by step lists to help breakdown its complexity. If you made a mistake while making a list it is easy to fix the problem because the cells and rows can be moved without deleting and writing the data in again.
Sorted List
Filtered List
Data Analysis and Result
No conclusion can be made at this stage until the user finds the facts. Finding information in a spreadsheet is easy with the search tool because all you have to do is search a word associated with what you want and it will find it for you. A spreadsheet will never make a mathematical mistake which is something to keep in mind. If the information is incorrect then the information you inputted is incorrect. The spreadsheet will give the right answer to what you have given it.
Conclusions can be made when data has been analysed by the user. The spreadsheet can only give you the information the user has to work out the conclusion
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