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English Class- Grade 11

Sarah Zachariah

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Archetypes

ARCHETYPES By: Samiyah, Kristen, Sydney, Sarah The Odyssey The Hero's Journey Archetypal Situations 1. Nature Vs. Mechanistic World Symbolic Archetypes 2. Battle Between Good and Evil 3. The Unhealable Wound About Symbolic Archetypes 4.The initiation 5. The Fall 6. Death and Rebirth 7. The Ritual - originate from Greek mythology
- still found in many novels, peoms and children's books
- one must be a very insightful thinker and an avid reader
- here is a guide to help understand some basic symbolic archetypes! 8. The task The Opposites Symbolic Archetype Guide Light vs. Darkness Fire vs Ice Haven vs. Wilderness Colours Black Red White Gold Numbers 3 4 6 7 Shapes Oval Triangle Gold Square Rectangle Works Cited Sarah:
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Sibley. “Archetypes in Literature.” N.d. Digital file. Pi = Life of Pi: 3 parts 3 .14 Homer Trojan Horse Armand Assante as Odysseus Odysseus removing his men from the presence of the lotus-eaters. Odysseus & Polyphemus: Odysseus & Aeolus Odysseus consulting Teiresias on a Lucanian Red-figure calyx-krater. Odysseus & the Sirens Scylla & Charybdis Odysseus, shipwrecked Odysseus & Calypso On an 1888 engraving, Odysseus slays his wife's suitors. “Outis [No one] is hurting me!” Harry Potter in 99 Seconds What is an archetype? - a theme, symbol, character, or setting that can be found throughout literature, folklore, and media so often that it comes to reflect some universal human character or experience
- based mostly on Greek mythology Character Archetypes The Mentor The Herald The Threshold Guardian The Shapeshifter The Shadow The Trickster The Hero
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