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Opening presentation 28/10/13

No description

Laura Wilkinson

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Opening presentation 28/10/13

Global Hygienic Sanitation & Transformation Programme
Background, Project Status and Next Steps
Roll-out plan per region starting with EAME & HNA

The progam provides you the tools and direction to work on the improvement areas with:

A global cleaning and sanitation manual
An (self) assessment tool
A comprehensive training pack for all employees involved in cleaning and sanitation
Basic training modules
Intermediate training modules
Advanced training pack on cleaning & sanitation (accredited)
Supporting documentation and good practices as examples

Global Cleaning & Sanitation website
Standardised WoW, training & knowledge and clear organisation structure

More effective cleaning of plant and environment & harmonisation of chemicals
Right chemical
Right time
Right concentration
Right costs

Less incidents, quarantines, complaints or near misses related to cleaning

Agreed Global cleaning & sanitation KPI’s
External (for suppliers)
Programme Deliverables I
One day GAP assessment: Heinz South Africa
One day GAP assessment: Heinz South Africa
Hygienic design
Cleaning optimization  continuous improvement
Dry cleaning vs wet cleaning
Safety (SOWI’s) quality operations
Excessive use of water
Quality of the SOWi’s / cleaning procedures
Risk assessment & validation
Cleaning of Firding systems & Spiro
Boiler reticilation system
Energy losses
Water treatment
Cleaning of fat pumps
Conveyors in general
Site concerns/ opportunities
People from all 20 facilities are trained on Basic I and Intermediate I
18 baseline assessments conducted:
Heinz Elst - The Netherlands
Heinz Dundalk - UK)
Heinz Alfaro – Spain
Heinz Telford – UK
Heinz Kendal – UK
Heinz Turnhout – Belgium
Heinz Pudliszki – Poland
Heinz Westwick – UK
Heinz Seclin - France
Heinz Latina - Italy
Heinz Ozzano Taro - Italy
Heinz Wellington - South Africa
Heinz Atlantis - South Africa
Heinz Seesen -Germany
Heinz Worcester - UK
Heinz Cairo - Egypt
Heinz Utrecht - The Netherlands
Heinz Kitt Green - UK
Current Status Zone 2 & 3
Programme Deliverables II
Around the world, Heinz means good food
Sitgarganj - India
Aligarh - India
Dan Mogot - Indonesia
Pasuran - Indonesia
Baseline Assessments
Alfaro, Spain
Ozzano Taro, Italy
KPGH China
Atlantis, South Africa
Steps in the programme

People from 16 facilities are trained on Basic I and Intermediate I
11 baseline assessments conducted:
Heinz Ft Myers
Heinz Florence
Heinz Escalon
Heinz San Diego
Heinz Massillon
Heinz Chatsworth
Heinz Leamington
Heinz Irvine
Heinz Mason
Heinz Holland
Heinz Ontario
Current status Zone 1:

Training has been conducted in India, Indonesia, China and
New Zealand
GAP Analyses: India, Indonesia, China and
New Zealand

Baseline Assessments China (7/7):
Kaiping WSD
Kaiping GH
Shanghai Foodstar

Baseline Assessments India (2/2)
Zone 5

New Zealand
GAP Analysis
Basic 1 & Intermediate 1 Training
KPWSD - China
SHFS - China
KPGH - China
Baseline assessments complete
Baseline assessments scheduled for January 2014
Shanghai Foodstar

Assessment Team:
Zone 4
Gap analyses and Basic 1 & Intermediate 1 training conducted:
- Venezuela
- Costa Rica
Remaining gap analyses and mandatory training for Brazil and Mexico
-planned for November/ December 2014
Basic 1 & Intermediate 1 Training
South Africa
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