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Road Trip To Mexico

No description

Sumi S

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Road Trip To Mexico

Budget and Requirements
We have 7,000 dollars

We need
A volunteer Project
Transportation to and from our destination
Transportation inside our destination
Food including 3 fancy sit down restaurants
3 attractions
A place to stay
Cancun, Mexico

Plane ride
333 dollars per person
Total 999 dollars

We also rented bikes in Cancun
The total price for the bikes was 22 dollars
We stayed at the Bed & Breakfast Mansion Giahn

The cost is 23 dollars per night

The hotel also has free wifi
and breakfast.
Cebu Cebu
We eat at Cebu Cebu everyday
Each of us have 1 taco. Each
taco costs 10 pesos which is
77 cents.
For fun we went to Maya Museo,
Delphinus aquarium, and the
Wet n' Wild water park
Cocina de Volado
At Cocina Volada each of us have a delicious Paella for only 15 pesos ($1.51)
Road Trip To Mexico
Archit Sahay,
Connor Cederholm,Ben Kelly

For food we have complimentary breakfast. For our food later we
ate at Cebu Cebu. For our fancy restaurants we ate at Cocina de Volada, Ya Estas Cancun, and Rolandi's pizzeria. We also ate at Dominos.


We spent 1500 dollars
It's rated 4.25 stars
Ya Estas
At Ya Estas we ate Eco Tortas (Toasted bread, fresh-made jalapeño and habanero salsas to choose from, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions, refried beans, a little bit of mustard) they cost 15 pesos ($1.15).
Talked about in marginal boundaries as one of their favorites
Casa Rolandi's
Rated 4.6 stars
At Casa Rolandi's we ate a Margherita Pizza for 125 pesos ($9.60)
Maya Museo
At Maya Museo you can look at exhibits with artifacts like Jade Masks and walk through the San Miguelito ruins
Rated 4.5 stars
Delphinus Aquarium
This aquarium is interactive meaning we can pet dolphins and feed other animals
Wet n' Wild
Wet n' Wild is a water park at the water park ice cream is free!
We volunteered at Playa Del Carmen .Travelfuture is hosting an event where we make piñatas with the developmentally disadvantaged youth to teach them to become productive members of the community. We will work together with the kids to put together piñatas into the shapes given to us.
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