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Jewish Clothing during WWII

No description

Heather Elliott

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Jewish Clothing during WWII

Jewish Clothing during WWII
Ghettos (Terezin)
Concentration Camps
Traditional Marriage
Traditional Rabbis
German Soldiers
Men covered their heads with hats and caps
Women covered their hair with wigs or scarves
Dressed similarly to other Europeans (modest and simple clothing)\
Relation to Play: Flashback Scenes
*numbered on their clothing and arms, star of David*
Boys- blond coats and pants
Girls and Women- plain coat with long skirt
Men- White Shirt with vest and boots
Relation to Play: Terezin Scenes
Ghetto Attire
Men wore shirts, pants, coats and hats with vertical blue and white stripes
Women wore sack dresses and cloth on their heads
They all wore wooden leather clogs
Relation to Play: Scenes where people are relocated to or from Terezin
Concentration Camps
Waffenrock- Military Coat
Ankle Boots- Schnurschuhe lace up shoes
Helmets- Began using camouflage in 1942
Relation to Play: Train Station Scene and Terezin Scenes
Wehrmact Main Uniform
Traditional Marriage
Bride wore a veil, used during a tradition called "Covering the Bride"

Women were modestly dressed in white dresses

Men wore formal, normally black, tuxedos

Rabbis wore prayer shawls and normal synagogue attire (robes, yarmulke,

Relation to Play: Wedding Scene
They were marked by triangles:
Green- Criminals
Red- Political Prisoners
Pink- Homosexuals
Purple- Jehovah's Witnesses
Black- Asocials (Female Homosexuals)

Star of David (Yellow)- Jew
Star of David (Yellow over Red)- Resistant Jew

Relation to Play: Historically Accurate Attire for majority of play
Refer to Pre-War

Works Cited




Relation to Play: End of Play for Raja
By: Heather Elliott, Jayden Jenkins, Marie Nicholas, Rose Wallace
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