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Positioning the Yaris

No description

Isabella Rodriguez

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Positioning the Yaris

Positioning the Yaris
Social Media Presence
Chevy Aveos
- results say it is "somewhat exciting" but more "economical" vehicle
- not
targeting the market
- Chevy should try to make it more exciting!
- They can use social media and stronger advertising
Video Samples
-We created a survey to assess perceived position of the Yaris

-5 participants from target age group (18-35) and another 5 from age group 45-65 years old

Toyota Yaris
- Toyota currently engaging heavily in
SOCIAL MEDIA presence.

- Successful, but they can do more
Weak: USA Facebook, Twitter

How can they improve?
- Ex: FB, LinkedIn, Blogs, Instagram,
Vimeo, Twitter, Apps.
Hawknis, D., & Mothersbaugh, D. (2011). Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy (12th ed., pp. 455­456). New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill.
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