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The Graveyard book

No description

Olivia Wasden

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of The Graveyard book

Time Period
I think that the Graveyard Book was important for this time because in this time period I have noticed it was all about the first time for things to happen. In this book it is kind of a first time also in a way or you could also say that it is just a remarkable thing that has happened. I think also it was important to show that you can always end up on top. In this Bod goes through many struggles. He is given the hardest situation. His family is murdered and the killer is still looking for him and because of this where is able to go and what he is able to do is limited. He is missing out on normal kid things. With all that has happened to him he could use it as an excuse to just give up or because all of this happened he could be living in an awful place or not be living at all if it hadn't been for the friendly ghosts that he meets. I think that reading this book just helps you realize all that you have. So many people focus on what they don't have and you just can't do that it is an unhealthy way to live and I think this book just helps you know all that you have
Element of fiction
Bod is a very interesting and unique character. We know from the very beginning that Bod's parents and sister were murdered and he doesn't discover this for a while. He is very oblivious to his life before he entered the graveyard. His life is very different from kids that are his age would normally have. Instead of learning things life math and English he learns how to protect himself and ghostly tricks. Bod had always been oblivious to the fact that someone was trying to kill him and that someone had killed his family throughout the entire book secrets are kept from him, and I believe when you have huge secrets like this kept from you the first thing you want to do when you find out is learn every possible thing about it. Which is exactly what he did. he wants to get revenge on the man who killed his family which tells a lot about his personality. He is fierce and I would almost say that he is unafraid of whatever he has the power in him to do. Bod is a lonely kid and when he finally realizes what a normal life is like he realizes that's what he wants. Which I think shows that he feels like he doesn't want to miss out on a normal life and so he is trying hard to get on back. He also isn't afraid of the unknown. All together I think you could describe Bod as fearless, unique, lonely, and possibly a little bit dark.
Neil Gaiman
When Neil Gaiman was young he discovered his love for reading. He would spend his days at the library reading the works of some of his favorite authors such as C.S. Lewis, G.K> Chesterton and many others. Writers such as these helped him see the joy in writing and I am sure that their works inspired him to write. All the time he devoted to reading definitely helped him to understand that he wanted to be a writer and also see what good writing is. He first became a journalist, then soon after that he published a biography that took him 3 months to write. After this he started cranking out all different typed of writing. He wrote comics, children books, young adult books, and adult books. He is known as being an author who writes for many different audiences and writes many different genres. He developed quite a skill after writing so many books and I think that's what really made The Graveyard Book such an amazing novel. He got the idea for this book from his own life. His family lived next to a cemetery and his son would always ride his tricycle between the tombstones and He noticed how comfortable and at home his son was around the tombstones. So he decided to write a book about it and he wanted to make sure that he was ready to write this book because he really wanted to nail this book because he thought it could be great so he spend a lot of time making sure it was an amazing book.
The Graveyard book
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My opinion
I think that this book definitely deserves a Newbery Award because it is interesting and and it teaches a lesson. From the start of the novel you are in suspense and it stays like that throughout the entire book. You feel so many different emotions and as you get to know all the different characters. You can' t wait to turn the page and see what has happened and in the same moment you dont want to turn the page because your afraid of what could of happened. There are very few books where you get submerged in the story and you feel the emotions that every character feels whether is fear or excitement or anger and this is one of those books. You gain a relationship with each of the characters. This book also has you almost be a sleuth you are trying to figure out as a reader (or at least I was) where the murderer has gone. I think a big part of the book is trying to figure out where the murderer went and why he is so fixed on killing Bod. That is what so great about the ending because it explains everything and it is a worthy ending for a great book. There are so many ways you could end a book about murder and there are so many ways that you could explain why everything had to happen the way it did and he chose the perfect ending an explanation for all of it. And that is why I think this book is worthy of the Newbery Award.
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