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"How It's Produced" Presentation

Personal Finance Presentation Project 11-16-12

Joseph Vo

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of "How It's Produced" Presentation

Background Raw Materials Manufacturing Process Works Cited The Future Quality Control Engine Blocks Light weight aluminum alloy glue hardener zircon sand talcum powder Used to be made from Iron largest single piece of metal The most intricate Links engine components such as cylinders and pistons Where combustion converts into mechanical energy that drives the transmission propelling the car. Background (Continued) New designs of engine blocks New technology Make mold from glue, hardener and zircon sand. Engine blocks passes by an automated vision system that inspects the engine block to ensure no defects whats so ever. http://www.youtube.com Machine uses the mold mixture to make a mold core The cores goes through assembly line to receive the other cores. Cores goes through robots to glue them together. Aluminum ingots are placed into an elevator bucket over a jet melter (gas fire furnace). Liquified aluminum is poured into the mold casting The mold is place in ovens to breakdown the mold leaving the cast aluminum engine block. Robots clean up the engine block. Manufacturing Process (Continued) Manufacturing Process (Continued) Manufacturing Process (Continued) http://www.google.com/images http://claymore.engineer.gvsu.edu/~nguyenn/egr250/automotive%20engine%20block.pdf By Joseph Vo
P.O.B/3rd block
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