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Steve Jobs' Journey to Heroism

No description

kyomi cabral

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Steve Jobs' Journey to Heroism

Answering The Call
The motivation Steve received to "accept" the call of dropping out of college was the lack of funds that he had. He did not want to use up all of his parent's money.
Steve Jobs is reunited with his former love Chrisann Brennan, and they fall in love once again. Steve offers her a job at Apple and the two eventually move in together. Shortly after they begin living together, Brennan discovers that she is pregnant with Steve's child. This causes a huge controversy between Chrisann, Steve, and the media because of the way Steve reacted to the situation. Despite the conflict occurring between them, Steve named one of his big products, Apple Lisa, after his daughter.
The Crossing of the Return Threshold
With great sorrow, Steve Jobs died because of pancreatic cancer on October 5th, 2011. This was a tragic moment, for it was the loss of a great inventor, innovator, and most importantly a hero.
A Hero's Journey

Call to Adventure
Steve Jobs first receives his "call to adventure" when he drops out of college, and instead begins taking creative classes (such as calligraphy) that help him kick start his imagination that eventually leads to his famous technological advancements, along with his interest in technology.
Steve Jobs eventually got his old job at Atari, which allowed him to receive "training" for what he has coming.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs had a very loyal companion that he met in high school. This friend was Steve Wozniak (aka Woz). Woz and Steve had a great relationship because of their shared love of electronics, pranks, and the similar relaxed lifestyles that they lived.
Crossing the Threshold
Road of Trials
Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir
Return Flight
Master of Two Worlds
Steve essentially "crosses the threshold once he begins to sell the "Bluebox" with his companion Woz which would allow people to make free long-distance calls.
Woman as Temptress
Jobs faces his road of trials when he meets the challenges of initially inventing, and selling the Apple 1 computer from the garage of his 1976 Los Altos,CA home, finding people to fund their project, a poorly designed Apple 3, the Apple G4 Cube, Ping, Mobile Me, and being kicked out of his own company at 30 years old.
In result of being fired from his own company, Steve then became co-founder of Pixar, and CEO of NeXT. Apple was having hardships, and eventually bought NeXT which facilitated Jobs with the ability to take back his leading position at the company, and bring it back from bankruptcy.
Since his return to Apple, Jobs began inventing new groundbreaking technology such as the iPod, the Mac the iPad, and probably the most influential the iPhone.
To this day, Steve Jobs and his actions have greatly influenced our world as we know it. Thus his legacy lives on now, and forever.
Jobs was able to "conquer" both his personal life, as well as his success with his company. This proves that he has mastered both the familiar and unfamiliar worlds that he had to face.
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