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Ottawa - Five Themes of Geography

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Mohammed Ahmed

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Ottawa - Five Themes of Geography

Settlers settled in Ottawa because they found a rich wilderness with fertile soil and lots of timber.
Ottawa is different...
because it is the capital city of Canada and it is bigger than almost all of the other cities in its Province.
Ottawa is located in Canada,ON between Toronto and Montreal.
Ottawa - Five Themes of Geography
Ottawa's coordinates are 45.4214° N, 75.6919° W
Physical Characteristics:

Ottawa river, in a valley between 200-300 meters across sea level. Ottawa is located along the St. Lawrence river.
Human Characteristics:
Ottawa is a multicultural city that allows many immigrants to come and stay. It is also located in a multicultural country (Canada).

Who lives in Ottawa?
Many different people with different backgrounds happily live in Ottawa.
Climate based:
According to the Economic Provinces of Canada, Ottawa is classified as "cool temperature"
Ottawa is located in the National Capital region. This region also contains Ottawa's neighboring city,Gatineau,QC.
Since Ottawa is located in the National Capital Region, it contains some of Canada's most valuble pieces of art.
Ever since Ottawa became a city, it has been modified a lot. In 1894 Ottawa had a land mass of around 100m².This is a map of Ottawa in 1894: http://bit.ly/1Moe2DC
Nowadays, Ottawa has the land mass of 2,778 km².
People have adapted to the land by building warm buildings and wearing warm close in the winter. We have also used fans and air conditioners to keep us cool in the summers.
In the early 1800's people depended on timber from Ottawa as a resource. Now many people depend on Ottawa's fertile soils to farm.
Ottawa is linked to other cities and towns because it is the Capital city of Canada.
Ottawa doesn't manufacture a lot of products however, Ottawa is where Hydro One is located. Hydro One is the company that supplies Ontario's electricity.
Ottawa is a city with many job opportunities, this means residents do not need to work somewhere else.
How is Ottawa linked?
What is manufactured?
Do most people work in Ottawa?
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