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Nigerian Food

No description

Isabella Ortiz

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Nigerian Food

Nigerian Food
Nigerian Food
Palm Wine
White colored sap from different palm trees
Ferments fast
The older the more bitter
Common in Africa and Asia
Used for Celebrations
Common in Medication
A Nigerian Snack and Breakfast
Nigerian Meat Pie
Grilled Tilapia
Fish recipes are fun to prepare because you get the chance to
experiment with your favorite spices,
herbs and seasoning without the fear of getting it wrong
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Sinasir (Rice Pancakes)
SHUKU SHUKU (Coconut Balls)
A popular snack that is often served is Meat Pie. This snack is a homemade a dough pocket often stuffed with meat, potatoes, and vegetables.
Fruit Skewers
English pear
Wash, peel and cut the fruits into medium pieces.
Thread them on the skewers, alternating the colors for a nice look
Rub some honey on the fruits and sprinkle coconut chaff.


SHUKU SHUKU or Coconut Balls are
a very popular snack or dessert in
Nigeria. They are basically coconut
chaff and powdered sugar rolled in
bread crumbs and toasted.
The Kola Nut is a sacred nut in Nigeria that is accompanied by a traditional ceremony
"Sierra Leone President Can Appoint Palm-Wine Tapper
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SHUKU SHUKU Is a fantastic
dessert or snack. SHUKU SHUKU
involves coconut powdered sugar
eggs and breadcrumbs.
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Sinasir is a rice-based food that contains onion, sugar, salt, and a variety of rice in it; it’s fried in oil like a normal pancake.
Fried Rice is similar to the rice in Asia except this fried rice is cooked with liver and chicken which lets it be a main course or side dish.
A Nigerian Snack
A Main Dish
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