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All About Giant Pandas 4C

It's about giant pandas, and enjoy!!! :)

Jenny Kang

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of All About Giant Pandas 4C

Panda moms usually give birth to one or two cubs at a time. Also, panda cubs are about four ounces when they are born and are about the size of a stick of butter. Giant Pandas By: Jenny Kang This is a panda cub Cubs stay with their mom for at least 18 months or longer. Fun Fact:

It takes about five years for a female
panda to become an adult, but up to
seven years for a male. Another fact about giant pandas is that they walk very slowly, rarely even breaking into a jog. At the age of eight months, cubs start to eat solid foods. Their main food is bamboo, which they spend about fourteen hours a day eating. When panda cubs are little, they first suckle their mother's milk. As they grow older, they copy their mom eating bamboo. After that, they try eating bamboo the same way their mother eats!
Pandas like to, and are good at climbing trees. Danger Ahead!

A panda cub's preadator can be a snow leopard. though pandas have to watch out, they have exellent hearing so they can hear their predator coming. That makes it easier for them to escape. Phew! Pandas live ONLY in china and many people are trying to save them! Their population is decreasing because the bamboo forests are being cut down! You should do whatever you need to save them too!!! Giant Pandas are an endangered spcies. There are only fewer than 1,900 LEFT IN THE WORLD. OMG!!!!! Help save the pandas, and thanks for watching!!! Books I used for my report. When a panda starts to eat bamboo, it normally eats sitting down. The panda is also usually surrounded by bamboo plants. They eat bamboo about half of their day. Can you notice in the video how the panda rips off the outer layer first, and bites off with his back teeth? By Joanne Ryder Do not know the author By: Dorling Kindersley :)
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