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The Bux Stops Here

Year 9 Integrated Studies Crime Scene Investigation Unit

Matthew Ninnes

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of The Bux Stops Here

All clues are now to hand
So let's see where you stand
Some may be hard to find
To ascertain those who are so unkind
You will need to search high and low
One clue may even be found just below A crime is committed. The deed is done. Out of sight. Out of hearing. But there is always the silent witness to testify. It is impossible for the criminal to act without leaving traces, some which are so minute they need the most advanced scientific technology to detect. What do you think of when you hear the word forensics? An "FP" or forensic Pathologist in a TV drama? But Forensics is a very diverse field, using the skills of mathematicians to anthropologists, accountants to psychologists, locksmiths to artists, engineers to computer and photographic experts, knot-tiers to handwriting analyst's. The domain of forensic applications will involve any useful scientific and rational process.
On this page you will hopefully learn more about what these dedicated experts do, and how it all fits together, and exercise your own thinking skills. Remember that behind the definition lies a whole realm of good scientific thinking and research. Who at Xavier could it be?

The decision is up to you! To accuse a teacher or teachers all the evidence must have been gathered and justified. If you are unable to prove innocence of all other suspects you have not done your job. Maybe there were 2 instances in this murder, or maybe 3!! Some Helpful Hints

1. Visit the Court House to get your P.I. License, Search Warrants and Car Registration details.

2. Visit the newspaper (Xavier Herald) to read the news.

3. Visit the Police station to get as much information as you can.

4. Check out the suspects, what is their alibi, what is their motive?

(an alibi is a suspects story about why it wasn't them)
(a motive is a suspects reason for committing the crime)

5. Draw a table and record the name of each suspect, their alibi, a possible motive, and helpful notes. You will need to create individual time lines for each staff member as well as a time line for the crime.

6. Check out what they have to say about the other suspects. 7. Check out the evidence collected by the Police. Fingerprints, tyre prints, blood types & handwriting samples for all staff are held by the forensic lab.

8. Draw up a table to record your notes about each exhibit.

9. Decide if you need a search warrant (be careful, you only get 3)

10. You can compare the evidence found by search warrant with the police exhibits by copying and pasting each picture to your report in Word

11. Check the newspaper for any fresh leads, school newsletters, morning notices

12. Make up a story that fits all the clues.

13. Modify your story until everything fits together. In order to aid the Private Investigators, the Magistrate has authorised the access to suspects for further questioning. The Detective Agencies are required to complete the "Suspect Questionning Request" also available from the moodle website. Contact your IS teacher to recieve a PI Licence Application form or visit the moodle site for year 9 IS. Complete and return to your IS teacher. A search warrant request can not be approved unless reasonable suspicion of a suspect can be proven based on the available evidence. If a search warrant request is submitted without sufficient cause it will be rejected.

If a search warrant request is successful, police will conduct a search and the findings will be returned to the Private Investigators. SUSPECT QUESTIONING REQUEST
Only 3 Search warrants requests are available per group.

You will get back Search Warrant results by the next IS class.

No forms will be accepted after TUESDAY 16th MARCH Please see your IS teacher if you have misplaced your task sheet
or visit the moodle website. An initial examination of the crime scene has been conducted by Inspector Willy Findit, and Detective Lou Salotte. It was apparent that Mrs Buxton had indeed fallen victim to foul play.

The body of Mrs Paulene Buxton was found by the western exterior entrance to the recently built Faber Language Centre. She was found with a deep wound to the back of her head, bruising on her neck and arms, and thin markings around her neck. It is unsure at this stage, which of the wounds were fatal. Further information regarding this will be available following an autopsy of the body. Blood traces were found in several places at the crime scene. Pooled blood was found at the rear of Mrs Buxtons’ head. Blood was smeared across the rock bed, and concrete path adjacent to the entrance doors. The blood trail appeared to be disrupted, as it was diluted and wavy across the concrete path. Next to the bloody path in the grass laid a large padlock and brick which both had traces of blood. It is unknown if all the blood found at the scene is that of Mrs Buxton. Further forensic testing will determine this. Inspector Willy Findit has indicated that some of the evidence left at the crime scene seemed to be rubbish left by students, however he believes that some evidence has direct links to the crime.

• Bushells tea bag
• Blue Lanyard
• Lighter
• Brick (traces of blood)
• USB video camera cord
• chip packet
• pencil case
• optus sim
• large padlock (traces of blood)
• blue Ethernet cable
• Sprinkler on hose.
• partial smeared shoe print in blood
• scissors
• crushed diet coke can.
• Yr 9 mathematics homework sheet (teachers name printed on top – Mr Ninnes)
• narrow tyre marks in the grass
• green whipper snipper cord
• blue button
• red sports sash
All of the evidence is to be bagged, labelled and sent to the lab for further testing once private investigators have had a chance to visit the crime scene. A nearby bin was emptied by Mr Ray Maddox the school cleaner just prior to his finding of the body. The contents of this bin have been sent to the lab and will be made available soon.

Following forensic testing on the body and items found at the scene further details on the evidence will become available in the near future. Check back regularly for updates and photographs taken of the crime scene. Statements will be taken at various times during the investigation of possible suspects, and witnesses of the crime. Early questioning of the Head of Secondary School, Mr Glenn McConville, revealed that Mrs Buxton was heading a Camp/Pastoral Care meeting in the AV room at the Library late afternoon Tuesday 15th Feb.

Mr Tony McQuaid who attended the meeting supplied police with a list of Xavier staff who were present at the meeting. REPORT WRITING GUIDE Please see your IS teacher if you need assistance with your report writing and ask for a guide if you have not recieved one. ASSIGNMENT TASK SHEET In order to be an accedited investigator in the case your Private Investigator Team must first apply for your PI licence. This will entitle you to submit a variety of enquiries as described below. SEARCH WARRANT APPLICATION The documents from the courthouse are available via the moodle website.
Blood Types Mr Toole A
Mr Ninnes AB-
Ms Gilshenan O
Mr Collier AB+
Ms Lynam O
Mrs Robertson B+
Mr McQuaid A-
Ms Duffield AB+
Mr Maddox AB- Shoe Sizes Mr Toole 9.5
Mr Ninnes 10.5
Ms Gilshenan 7
Mr Collier 10
Ms Lynam 8
Mrs Robertson 9
Mr McQuaid 11
Ms Duffield 8
Mr Maddox 10.5 The nearby bin which was emptied by Mr Maddox, revealed an assortment of rubbish. A banana peel, diet coke can, V energy drink can, and scrunched up paper. The paper is displayed below. Be sure to check every nook and cranny of this site for new clues and evidence. The boat club sign in register, showed a Mr & Mrs Robertson arrived at 6:30pm, Tuesday 15th february for dinner. Car with registration number 03-NIN was picked up for speeding at 6:40pm on Old Maryborough Road doing 75km/h in a 60km/h zone. The childcare sign in and out book where Tony McQuaids daughter attends shows that she was not picked up from the centre until 7:15 and by Mrs McQuaid. Further forensic testing found that the traces of skin found on the whipper snipper cord, matched that of Mrs Buxtons DNA. Trace evidence of grass was also removed underneath the skin particles. An email sent from Mr McConville on Monday 14th February to Xavier Senior teachers, asks teachers from the Senior school to please wear their blue and yellow staff polo shirts on the Tuesday for a Senior Teachers photo.

Suspects who are teachers of Senior subjects include; Miss Lynam, Miss Duffield, Mr Ninnes, Mr McQuaid, Ms Gilshenan and Mrs Robertson. Further questioning revealed that all teachers have blue ethernet cables for the internet on their staff desks. When asked what was their favorite drink the teachers responded; Lynam (Diet Coke), Ninnes (Creamy Soda), McQuaid (Coffee), Duffield (V energy drinks - keeps me awake in staff meetings), Gilshenan (tea), Maddox (red wine), Toole (Coffee), Collier (Water), Robertson (Diet Coke).

Mr Matthew Ninnes also stated in further questioning that he didnt wear the Xavier polo shirt as he had cricket trials so wore a white polo, which was cooler in the sun all day. sdafklj
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