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12 steps of a Hero's Journey

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michael dowell

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of 12 steps of a Hero's Journey

12 Steps of a Hero's Journey Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The hero's Journey Gawain lives in Camelot with the Knights of the round table. Ordinary World The green knight comes to Camelot and challenges king Arthur and his knights Call to adventure None of the king's knights want to accept the challenge against the Green Knight, knowing that all that have accepted the challenge have died. Refusal of the call Meet the mentor Crossing First Threshold Gawain steps up for the King and accepts the challenge Test,allies,Enemies approach inmost cave Gawain is tested when he spends cold nights in the winter.
Gawain's allies would be the Knights of round table, the host, and the wife.
The enemy in the beginning is the Green Knight Supreme Ordeal Reward Road Back The Resurrection The mentor was king Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table The supreme ordeal is the loss of Gawain's honor, when in bed and the hosts wife offers him gifts. There is no real reward for Gawain only the lesson that he learned from the Green Knight and the Gifts that he received from the wife and host. The road back is when Gawain meets up with the green Knight at the green chapel for the agreement the past year. Return with Elixir Berthilak offer the garter for Gawin to keep and invites him and his wife to the castle. Then Gawin accepts but only if knight tells his true name. Then back at Camelot all knights wear green silk as symbols of respect The resurrection is when Gawain meets up with the Green Knight and lives. Gawain then comes back alive to Camelot when everyone thought he was going to die. By: Michael, Alexandra, Aaron, & Daniel When Sir Gawain faces the temptation of the host's wife GRENDEL 1. Cave on Outskirts.
2. Hears music from people.
3. No refusal of call.
4. Talks to Dragon.
5. Attacks Herot.
6.Attacks and Fights.
7. Attacks people. 12 steps of a Hero. Grendel Anti Hero Beowulf dies and earns everlasting fame and glory. Return with the Elixir Beowulf goes back to Geatland, and several years later, he becomes king. The Road Back King Hrothgar’s people give Beowulf gold and fame. The Reward Beowulf swims into the thick, bloody, lake to fight Grendel and his mother. The Approach Beowulf fights Grendel for the first time Tests, Allies, and Enemies Beowulf arrives at Heorot, the mead-hall. Crossing the Threshold Beowulf meets up with Hrothgar when he arrives. Meeting With the Mentor Beowulf starts off in Geatland The Ordinary World The Hero’s Journey:
Beowulf Beowulf defends his people and fights the dragon. The Resurrection King Hrothgar summons Beowulf to help him take care of Grendel. The Call to Adventure The Hero’s Journey:
Dante’s Inferno The two make their way to Purgatory, and Dante is now aware of the dangers of sin and the horrors that it can cause in Hell. Return with the Elixir Dante and Virgil enter the 9th circle of Hell to confront Lucifer and make their way out. The Road Back Dante and Virgil are granted passage through the gates of Dis. The Reward The two poets are attacked by furies, momentarily preventing them from entering the lower levels of Hell. The Ordeal Dante and Virgil approach the gates of Dis and prepare to enter. The Approach Dante encounters numerous sinners that want his pity and his help. He does his best to be brave, but constantly faints. Tests, Allies, and Enemies Virgil talks Dante into going into Hell, and leads him on their journey. Meeting with the Mentor Dante does not believe he is worthy enough to go on this righteous journey. Refusal of the Call Virgil tells Dante that he must travel through Hell. The Call to Adventure Dante and Virgil exit Hell. The Resurrection Dante and Virgil enter Hell and witness the sinners outside the gates of Hell. Crossing the Threshold Dante wakes up in a dark forest on Earth. Ordinary World Hero’s Journey 1.Ordinary World – Aeneas is on a boat on his way to Italy
5. Crossing the First Threshold - The hero crosses leaves the ordinary world and goes into the special world
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies - The hero faces tests, meets allies, confronts enemies & learn the rules of the Special World.
7. Approach - The hero has hit setbacks during tests & may need to try a new idea
8. Ordeal - The biggest life or death crisis
9. Reward - The hero has survived death, overcomes his fear and now earns the reward
10. The Road Back - The hero must return to the Ordinary World.
11. Resurrection Hero - another test where the hero faces death – he has to use everything he's learned
12. Return with Elixir 12 steps: •1. On a ship going to Italy

•7. Goes with Sybil to the underworld

•8. Faces difficulties in their path, holding them back from their journey

•9. Sees his father, who tells him about Italy and its future

•10. Continues their journey back to Italy

•12. Returns to Italy with new information In Aeneid:
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