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Tasbeehatul Zahra (a.s)

Allahu Akbar, Al-hamdullilah, Subhanallah. A presentation about the benefits and structure of the best Mustahab Ibadah ever given by the Prophet to his daughter. References to psychology, hadith and Quran.

Zaineb Latif

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Tasbeehatul Zahra (a.s)

is your...

Tasbeeh means to raise Allah's name away
from what he is not
It means we Glorify Allah
The seven heavens, the earth, and all that is within them give glory to Him. There is nothing but gives glory to Him with praise to Him, though you do not understand them. He is Most Forbearing, Exceedingly Forgiving."
Quran: Al-Israh-17, 44
Quran: Al-Noor-24, 41
Do you not observe that all those who are in the heavens and the earth, and the birds with outspread wings, glorify Allah? Each one knows the mode of its prayer and glorification, and Allah has full knowledge of all they do.
Quran: Al-Zamar-39, 75
You shall see the angels surrounding the Throne, glorifying their Lord with His praise, and judgement will have been made among them with fairness, and it will be proclaimed: “All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the whole Universe.”
Christians read the Rosary
Hindus Sikhs and Buddists also use a tasbeeh
The Psychology of Repetition
Can you identify the images below?
What does Tasbeeh mean?
A german woman recalls in an interview that she was sick as a child in Germany and was in hospital with a potentially terminal illness. She remembers that a nurse who was muslim felt sorry for her and used to read Quran for her. The girl eventually became better and healthy and left the hospital, making a recovery. The German woman said when she grew up, and started searching for meaning in her life, she very easily found herself drawn to the Quran and became Muslim. She mentions that it is because of the experience with the nurse long ago.
Tasbeehatul Zahra (a.s)
34 times: Allahuakbar
33 times: Alhamdulillah
33 times: Subhanallah
If your Tasbeeh is done only sometimes, your stairs will never be enough to reach your destination.
True Story
What we learn:
Once, Fatimatul Zahra (a.s) was very tired with house work, her hands were swollen and her neck was sore from the many difficult tasks she did to serve her family. She asked her father if he could give her a servant to help her in her home.

Her father knew how hard she worked and replied:
This Tasbeeh is read after every Salat.
The Salat we do is like a beautiful flower and the Tasbih of Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) gives that beautiful flower a beautiful fragrance.
"I will give you something that would be better than a helper or anything else you wished for in this world."
Tasbeehatul Zahra (a.s)
We want to give Allah swt a beautiful flower with a beautiful fragrance because He deserves nothing less for all He is and all that He does for us.
Limit negative or corrupt images, information or ideas in our environment.
(This can be cartoons, movies, friends, internet etc)
Increase the positive and islamic messages and ideas in our environment.
Share experiences with parents about anything and everything.
When we repeat a statement many times...
...and our heart begins to believe.
The more our brain starts to accept it...
The more our heart
believes in Allah
The purer it is.
Kids brains absorb alot.
we must care about goes in.
Imam Al Sadiq:
O Abu Harun, We teach our children the Tasbeeh of Fatima just like we teach them the salat, they will keep it up, and whoever keeps it up is never a mischievous person.
No Mischievousness
Become happy and content.
Drive out Shaitan and Allah is satisfied with you
Imam Al-Baqir:
Whoever does the Tasbeeh of Fatima and then repented, he is forgiven by Allah. A hundred on your lips become a thousand in the balance. It dispels the Shaitan and satisfies the Lord.
Once Imam Ali advised a man to do this after the man complained of his weak hearing. The man went away and did tasbeehatul Zahra. The man later testified that his hearing was cured.
Ensures Good Healthy
& Cures Illness
The Prophet (saw) said:
When one remembers Allah swt, Allah loves him, and if he remembers much more, Allah swt will make him free of two things: Hell fire and Hypocrisy.
Be Free of Hell and Hypocrisy
Imam Al Sadiq:
The one who does Tasbeehatul Zahra before he moves his legs from Salat position will be forgiven his sins.
You will be Forgiven
and Purified of Sin
After Salat
Before sleeping
To fix its imperfection
To be safe and protected
To fix any issue or problem
When do I read it?
Tasbeeh means to raise Allah's name away
from what he is not
It means we Glorify Allah
What does Tasbeeh mean?
Mere-Exposure Effect
is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle.
A new thing are avoided. When it is repeated it becomes familiar, when it is familiar it is liked and accepted.
Every tasbeeh is a point in a key. If it is in the wrong place it will not unlock the door.
Tasbeeh is your ladder to heaven. If it does not follow the right quantities it will not be built properly.
What are the benefits?
Over Time
The most enduring message is one which is not big, but one that is small and repetitive so that it enters our consciousness without our rejection.
How to make it Perfect
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