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Vision of Original Intent

No description

Eric Savoie

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Vision of Original Intent

Primary Action Group
Developing a Sustainable Community and Business model innovating Eco Friendly
Products and Services
Action group assisting main stream local SME's to improve financial returns with a mutual agreement to share the increased financial rewards through a loyalty program for funding the primary action group operation.
Co-evolution awareness program
Local Network of action groups having
the duty to share their skills to support their respective community beneficial organization and operation.
Community Cluster Model
Interest Groups
Scientifically Architected Pioneer Projects
Serving the People
Administrative Web site for Community Public Foundation or decentralized structure

Action group working with local SME's to implement solutions to improve quality of life as it reduces the cost of living and ecological footprint promoting the Proactive Business Priorities model.
Vision of Original Intent
Financial Freedom for the action groups being able to truly get involved for our common cause of improving our social, political and economic systems.
Would you like to free yourself from the 8 to 5 work week?
Building Dome Communities to offer rejuvenation centers.
We can use this facility for training the trainers as well
as building a lab to invite innovators to prototype
products and use the networking methodology
provided by the Universal Alliance
Allibaba's founder "Jack Ma's Top 10 Rules For Success"
This visual is to facilitate our action group from zooming in and out to focus on the task at hand to attain our personal and collective objectives.
We are B.I.G. doers
rather than big dreamers
We do not invent but rather discover the path to our origin.
We do not invent but rather discover the path to our origin.
We do not invent but rather discover the path to our origin.
The building of the path to prosperity has begun, join us in creating immaculate agreements for the initial projects / phase of building a better future.
No blood shed in sight
When we take a stand
Honoring the light
While holding hands

A simple offer
To mother nature
An olive branch to foster
A prosperous future

Great souls come forward
Cleanse body and soul
Don’t mind the reward
Act as a whole

The time has come
For greater awareness
Let’s roll our drum
Play the beat of fairness

Love is in the air
For all embracing order
Supporting community affairs
Adopting safe harbor

Design for Spiritual Evolution
From Practical to Spiritual
Create the logo, copyright and/or trademark it?
Exercise I would like to do with Kay and Sid to create a crowd funding campaign script for a video before sharing it with Moz.
To begin funding our operation we need to become financially autonomous.

Dome houses
Shoe box accounting services
Ozone applications
Improving restaurant food quality
Farmers crop
Self sustainable way of life Developing
Community and Business models

Impeccable Thoughts, Words and Actions
Social Equity Networks to be lawfully established when we will have a structure that respects the free will choice of participation and spiritual rights of all people living in interconnected communities.
We have the duty to come up with a
sound structure of integrity.
Comparative Enterprise Model
Existing Business Priorities
This model is not
beneficial to all
Lack of Social
Responsibility & Accountability
Proactive Business Priorities
Financial Rewards
Social Reonsibility
This model has survived
throughout history
Personal & Environmental
Accountability and Responsibility
for Collective Well Being
Comparative of Traditional vs Spiritual Church
Existing Re-legions
Multiple variations of GOD/s
Convert people
Separate us from GOD
Contradictory / theoretical
Remove accountability
Past judgement on others
Distraction from our reality
Separation of physics from GOD
This model has been dividing
Stop wasting your donations to traditional churches
Proactive Legions
Law of one GOD/Source
Egalitarian accept all denominations
Exist within the body of GOD or Source
Pragmatic / practical
Co-creative responsibility
Exercise accountability
Acceptance of free will expression
Being part of creation "NOW"
Apply the natural spiritual laws of physics
This model is about uniting
Invest in your own and
Collective Well Being
see left side of presentation "Vision of Original Intent" on Prezi
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