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Further Oral Activity (2)

Advertisements advocating greater public awareness on the use of seat belts.

Joshua Chu

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Further Oral Activity (2)

Language & Literature
Further Oral Activity
Part 2: Persuasive Language in Advertisements

Embrace Life
By: Sussex Safer Roads
Launched January 2010
Garnered 11.8+ million views on YouTube
THINK: The Clunkers
By: United Kingdom's Department of Transport
Published in the 1980s
Part of a THINK! campaign to promote seat belt usage
The use of language, both stylistic and formal, has an impact on advertisements. Language use influences the tone & atmosphere of an advertisement and is capable of portraying the same message in a positive or negative light.
Advertisements advocating greater public awareness on the use of seat belts.

Analysis of how language use affects an advertisement's impact - establishing either a empathetic or intimidating impression.

Embrace Life
THINK: The Clunkers
Fun Facts:
Seat belt use can reduce the risk of crash injuries by 50%
Seat belt use remains lowest among young drivers
Persuasive Techniques
- Complete family
- Contentment of characters
- Comfortable surroundings
Warm & Fuzzy Atmosphere
- Smoothing music
- Rich, resonant background (purple & brown)
- Stuffed toy, sofa, kiddy table & chair

- Accentuated by the sudden reduction of video's speed
- Exaggerated change of facial emotion (happiness to shock to fear)
- Facial changes of all family members are shown
Use of Plain Folk
- Typical family of 3 is used.
- In America's context, the setting is typical of a home
3 characters:
Clear Symbolism
- Husband is in a car (hand shifts gear, foot presses down, hands in steering wheel position)
- Wife and Daughter are at home (setting, comfortably on sofa)
- Husband is traveling & thinking of home (looks at Daughter and smiles)
- Accident (attempt to swerve, glass shards in the air, limbs thrown forward)
- Wife and Daughter form seat belt around Man (shape of arms)
Encourages viewers to relate to the unfolding plot.
Target Audience:
General public, especially drivers and those who transport via automobiles regularly

Promote the use of seat belts as a life-saving method
Children playing
Persuasive Techniques
Repetition &
- Phrase "Clunk, Click' is repeated aloud throughout the advertisement.
- Phrase takes the form of a visual catchphrase on-screen as well.
- Alliteration in "Clunk, Click"
- Form of onomatopoeia
Plain Folk
- Advertisement revolves around a Man and a Woman.
- Two indistinct children are portrayed.
- Initially, all characters are shown to be happy (smiles)
- Atmosphere is quickly changed to one of appall
- Gory imagery used (body with blood, woman's scream and fleeing)
Insults/Cynical Tone
"Some people haven't clicked yet"
"They're the clunkers"
"What they don't realize is..."
"Don't just be a clunker"
This ensures a broad spectrum of people can relate to these characters. Demonstrates that anyone can be susceptible to the unfolding plot. Acts as a testimonial to the risks of driving.
Highlights the negative consequences accidents carry. Gory depictions reinforce this message through its imprintment on viewer's mind.
Links people under such descriptions to negativity. Explicit negativity is not used, its subtle and implied.
Related characters - family
No catchphrase
No bandwagoning
Implicit - highly symbolic
Association - viewers act out of desire to be like portrayed family
Use of pathos

Unrelated characters
Explicit - uses cynical tone, insults & repetition
Direct message foments fear; this fear is the impetus for seat belt use
Use of logos
Embrace Life
THINK: The Clunkers
Plain folk
Shock (portrayed differently though)
"A lot of people have gotten into a habit whenever they get into a car"
Sentences are not directed at individuals, rather at groups of people..
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