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Advertising and its influence on modern society

Brief "prezi"ntation meant to be used along with a speech for an English lesson.

Mike Marques

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Advertising and its influence on modern society

Advertising What is it? How can it be successful? Where is it found? It's a means of: -Promoting Products -Influencing to buy Companies How could advertising help? Monopolization... Fighting Back! Is it really necessary?... Avoid compulsive shopping! To conclude: Be aware. Not everything is evil! Making it appealing: by being funny; focusing on weaknesses; Physical differences; Displays of enjoyment; TV; Radio; Internet; Movies; Press; Billboards; And the list goes on... Makes the company or product known; Brings opportunities to sell their product Overwhelming dominance on the market; Use and abuse of advertising; Greed. People Since when have you been influenced? Manipulation?! By being appealing and influential. We've been exposed to advertising for a long time; Our tastes and desires are highly influenced by advertising;

Why do we buy? Are we being manipulated? Make sure you need it; Think about the future. Control the money you spend;
Seek for medical aid; Understand the advertise's power.
There are positive advertises: Influencing to help; Refraining from bad habits;
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