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Controversial Issue: SeaWorld Captivity

No description

Estela Williams

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Controversial Issue: SeaWorld Captivity

Captive Orcas Endanger Humans
Husna Haq provides details about Tilikum's tragic events, "Wednesday's incident is the
third time
Tilikum, a 12,300-lb. orca, has been
involved in a human fatality
At First Sight
Wild V.s. Captivity
Lives full of freedom
Humans Endanger Killer Whales
Health & Education

"Government research"
Same life span
Collected killer whales

Pedro Ramos-Navarrete
Dr. Lara Croft

Daniel B. Wood states:
. . . reminding reporters that SeaWorld's entire mission from its founding in 1964 has been
to support animal health, veterinary, reproductive, and physiology programs
worldwide. . . (“SeaWorld Defends Use of ‘Tilikum’”)
SeaWorld: Blue World Project
SeaWorld Captivity:
Killer Whales

Effects of Captivity on Orcas
Wild = Free
Sea Pens
A SeaWold spokesperson states:
Labeled the 'Blue World Project,' the new tank will include a
fast water current
, . . . It's going to be a new thing in the environment. . .
We work tirelessly day-in and day-out, to care for these animals
, and that's all our team is focused on right now. (qtd. in Schindler)
Lives full of entertaining people
A Daily News article states how people violate the rules:
. . . visitors are seen feeding animals and sometimes
them when the
rules strictly prohibited
them from doing so. ( "Forever Wild")

1991: a trainer died after falling into a tank with Tilikum and two other whales
1999: a homeless man sneaked into the whale tank after hours
2010: Tilikum's trainer Dawn Brancheau


Change the Perspective
PETA's executive vice president, Tracy Reiman states:
It's time for SeaWorld to let marine mammals live

in peace with their families in the world's oceans
where they belong
. Depriving these intelligent animals of
everything that is natural and important
to them can turn them into ticking time
. (qtd. in Wilkens)

Many other reasons
Pollution, pathogens, etc.
No human interaction necessary
Other reasons
Wild orcas thrive as well
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