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Welcome Back!

No description

Patrice Taylor

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome Back!

Be a JAGUAR in the hallway
Use quiet voice
Keep your hands to your side
When in a line, walk behind the person in front of you
Listen for directions
Be a JAGUAR in the bathroom
Limit your time in the bathroom
Wash your hands
Keep the bathroom clean
Talk quietly
Return quickly to class
My Goals for each of you...
Have a safe school
Learn grade level material
Make friends
Participate in school activities
Be PROUD to be a Cooper Jaguar!
Be a JAGUAR in the classroom
Follow classroom rules
Listen when it is someone else's turn to speak
Be pepared for each assignment
Be responsible for yourself
Be kind to others
Welcome Back!
Cooper Jaguar Playbook
problem solvers!
Welcome Back Jaguars!
Let's Kick Off
a Great Year!
Be kind
Ask for help
Make an effort
Be a JAGUAR in the cafeteria (APR)
Walk at all times
Talk quietly
Wait your turn in line
Eat your lunch
Follow directions
Clean up after yourself
Be a JAGUAR on the playground
Be kind to others
Use appropriate language
Keep your hands and feet to yourself
Follow directions
Line up quickly to return to class
Be a JAGUAR on
the bus
Buckle seatbelt and remain seated
Talk quietly
Be kind to others
Use appropriate language
Follow directions
Conflict is a normal part of friendships
Be a problem solver
Listen to other person
Understand they may want something different
Ask questions
Share your feelings
Brainstorm solutions
Pick the best solution
Ask an adult for help
Educational Assistant
Be the best JAGUAR you can be!
Rock - Paper - Scissor
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