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Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

A visual guide to these processes within the cell

Sean Bowles

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Photosynthesis and
Cellular Respiration Plant cell Chloroplast Mitochondria Sun's Energy Sunlight Plant Cell Carbon Dioxide Chloroplast Mitochondrion Sunlight + Glucose Extra glucose in the
tree helps make ... 36 ATP Photosynthesis Reaction Cellular Respiration
Reaction Sunlight (Glucose) Glucose Glucose Stomach is delivered to cells
throughout the body Glucose travels into the
small intestine to be
absorbed into.. Blood vessels deliver nutrients
and oxygen to the cells Glucose diffuses into the cell through an open protein doorway (Does this process use energy?) Oxygen diffuses into the cell
through the phospholipid bilayer
(does this process use energy?) Glucose Pyruvate 2 ATP made 10 Enzymes
used Anaerobic Respiration
(does NOT use Oxygen
to make ATP) Pyruvate goes to
the mitochondria for
Aerobic Respiration Aerobic Respiration
(DOES use oxygen to make ATP) Cellular Respiration Making ATP (energy) 2 Types (Does NOT
use oxygen to
make ATP) Anaerobic Aerobic (DOES
use oxygen to
make ATP) Oxygen can either be released or used in CELLULAR RESPIRATION Do plants (or any organisms that use photosynthesis) need animals/humans to live?
Provide evidence. Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Sunlight mix to create food/sugar (Glucose) for the plant cell (Glucose) This process is called PHOTOSYNTHESIS and it happens in the ... Glucose is also used in cellular respiration, they both go to the... 36 ATP
(energy) This is where
we come in... Cell Processes:
Photosynthesis &
Cellular Respiration The mitochondrion uses glucose
to make energy (ATP) for all
cellular processes. It needs the oxygen to make A LOT OF ENERGY! ATP (energy), carbon dioxide,
and water are all products of
the cellular respiration reaction. the villi! Glucose diffuses
into the blood vessels and... Mitochondrion 18 Enzymes used! Oxygen used by enzymes
to help make 34 ATP 36 ATP
total! Both carbon dioxide and water are waste from aerobic respiration 1 Glucose molecule
6 Oxygen molecules
28 Enzymes 36 ATP
6 Carbon Dioxides
6 Water molecules Both Anaerobic (no oxygen)
and Aerobic (uses oxygen) USED MADE Cellular Respiration the totals... 36 ATP This ATP can now be used
in all cellular processes (Do you remember this from before?) Cellular Respiration reaction So, can humans/animals live without plants (or other photosynthetic organisms)? Provide evidence for your answer. Chlorophyll 28
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