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The Battle of Camden

No description

chloe gehret

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden
By Chloe Gehret and Olivia Shimp
Battle: Camden
Date: 16th August 1780
Place: South Carolina, USA
Combats: British and German against the Americans

About the Battle
Major General Horatio Gates
Major General Johann de Kalb
Brigadier General Marquis de La Rouerie

The Leaders?
In 1878 the british were in a tough situation, the reasons for this were the huge defeat at Saratoga and more worryingly the fact that the French joined the war on the American side
The situation resulted in a huge change of tactics, as the British decided to move its strategy to the south. This new strategy saw the British gain victories in South Carolina and Georgia
This advance worried the Americans so they decided to march south to Camden, South Carolina where they could put up a stand and stop the British advance any further into the Carolinas
Events Leading Up To the Battle
The British regulars wore red coats, and wore bearskin as hats.
The American continental troops wore similar gear but in blue.
The militia of each side wore what they choose.
The weapons included in this battle were muskets and some light field guns.
The regulars carried bayonets, unlike the militia.
Weaponry And Other Details
Lieuenant General Charles Cornwallis
General Banastre Tarleton
Major General Lord Rawdon
The Battle
Troop Sizes
Americans: 3700
British: 2100
on June 1780 the American General Horatio Gates arrived in the south and immediately marched for Camden to capture an outpost there. Lord Cornwallis learned of the American force under Gates and marched from Charlestown to meet the American forces in Camden. On Wednesday, August 16th, 1780 the two armies met on the battle field. The experienced British soldiers easily intimidated the inexperienced militia. Many of the patriot militia fled before even firing a shot, forcing General Horatio Gates to retreat
The British defied all odds when they were outnumbered 1:2
Paths the leaders took
General lieutenant Charles
Why the battle was fought
The American Outcome
-The British were trying to win back their North American colonies. Since Camden was a crossroad location, it was considered the key to controlling the Carolinas, which was where many loyalists lived.

~After the French entered the American Revolutionary war in early 1758, the British wanted to renew there southern strategies and turn the war in their direction.

Worked Cited
Light field guns
bearskin hats
As you can see the British are outnumbered so the Americans have an advantage
The Americans suffered a tremendos loss, 300 men killed, 600 wounded, and 1,000 captured.
Gates was replaced by General Greene to controll the southern army.
The British Outcome
The British won with 324 killed and wounded, and 100 being M.I.A
The battle ensured the British hold on South Carolina for the time being
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