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Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth invented the T.V.

Madeline Hawthorne

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Philo Farnsworth

By: Madeline Jacobs Philo Farnsworth The Television The Fusor Changing Society Philo Farnsworth has changed society entirely. With his inventions he has made doing many things easier, like how the fusor made moving high energy ions into the reaction chamber a lot more simple and less complex. With his transmission of images to a screen he created T.V. which many people watch and it makes wasting time much more enjoyable. Here are some of his inventions: He invented the electronic television and the fusor, and a few others, but his most known inventions was the T.V. Fusor With most controlled fusion systems, they slowly heat a magnetically confined plasma, but in the fusor invented by Farnsworth, the fusor injects high energy ions directly into a reaction chamber, which avoids a lot more complex work. He started out young, at age 12, he built an electric motor and produced the first electric washing machine his family had ever owned. Cell-Video phone Electrical Television His most widely-know invention is the television. In 1927, he was the first inventor to transmit a television image comprised of 60 horizontal lines. Philo Farnsworth was the first succesful inventor to conduct an image using electronic means, which was a crucial discovery to the early development of the T.V. BIRTH DATE:August 19, 1906
DEATH DATE:March 11, 1971
EDUCATION: Rigby High School, Brigham Young University
A little bit about Philo Farnsworth...
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