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Softball Prezi

No description

Annika Skilling

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Softball Prezi

Softball Equipment: Bat There are usually about Nine When you play softball, there are already some
necessities provided There is a difference between a game and a practice Usually In Softball, A Softball Game Softball what you need to know about is an active sport You can Run Catch and Throw positions to play such as : Catcher Pitcher Left Field Right Field Center Field First Base Second Base Short Stop Third Base Softball(s) Glove Gloves for batting Helmet Cleats players on each team there are many different the bases, the other team,
the field, the catcher's gear For example, for each team, there are uniforms that you wear for every game that you play a practice includes only your team

where you practice playing softball is when another team plays against your team you wear your uniforms and there is an umpire Rules the batter can:
steal bases, "tag up", and walk to first after four balls
the batter can't run on a foul ball, and is out after three strikes Bat each team gets three outs per inning Softball
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