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Campus Involvement Opportunities

Tulane Parent Orientation 2013

Rachel Champagne

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Campus Involvement Opportunities

Campus Involvement Opportunities Students involved in at least one extracurricular activity per week were 75% less likely to feel homesick AND more likely to succeed academically in the first year! Student Involvement >Stay involved in one activity from high school
>Add one or two new interests, clubs or activities
>Don't over-do-it during the first semester Parents can help students stay on track with involvement by suggesting that they: Find their "fit" more easily in college
Maintain balance by creating routine
Gain valuable life skills Involved students tend to: At Tulane, we encourage new students life to join organizations and attend small gatherings and large events to meet people, explore interests and find their place in the campus community. Life on Campus Tulane has 200+ student groups & organizations
The Activities Expo in Welcome Week will showcase them. Clubs & Organizations Today students are learning all about this
and filling out an interest survey! Recruitment at Tulane happens in January Fraternities & Sororities Requirements to join: Full-time, degree-seeking student
12 credit hours earned at the college level
2.5 Tulane GPA
Good Disciplinary Standing Fall events for
first-year students: NPHC Meet the Greeks: Tuesday, September 10 IFC Recruitment Preview Week: September 16-21 NPC Recruitment Preview Day
Sunday, November 10 Joining a Fraternity or Sorority in the Spring: NPHC Intake: Scheduled by Organization Panhellenic Recruitment: January 10-12, 18-20 IFC Recruitment: January 20-24 http://greek.tulane.edu Parent Webinar: November From the Student Health Center to theWELL to the Reily Recreation Center, we have many
programs, services and resources to help
your student your student stay healthy. Student Health & Wellness Campus-wide Events Welcome Week activities for new students
Fridays @the Quad, Jazz@the Rat, Tulane After Dark
Res Hall Programs, Intramurals, CACTUS
guest speakers, plays, concerts Today they are learning all about these and more! Recreation & Fitness www.reilycenter.com Group Exercise classes, cardio machines, the weight room, informal activities and the pool allow students to stay fit! Parent Guide pgs. 17-18 Intramural sports are very popular! With an average of 10 sports offered each semester, there is something for everyone. With more than 34+ club sports, students can continue in a sport from childhood or investigate new arenas for competitive sports. Outdoor Trips including festivals, day hikes, moonlight canoe, snorkeling, rock climbing, swamp tours and more allow students to explore beyond the city! Reily Rocks is a Welcome Week event that will introduce students to the Center.
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