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Copy of Holy Cross/ESC RMUEE Prezi

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John-Ryan Lockman

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Holy Cross/ESC RMUEE Prezi

Then and Now

Think BIG Grant
Local Partnerships Work!
Outreach - Events - Marketing
Partnering with local non-profits
RMUEE 2015

= Success!
Contract for 2,080 hours per year

Includes staff from CLEER, CORE, and Walking Mountains Science Center, all Energy Smart Colorado partners working across Holy Cross Energy territory
Signed confidentiality clause
Focus on small to medium size businesses
Partnering on outreach events
Holy Cross receives monthly reports and invoice
Working Towards a Common Goal

Project Verification
Quality Assurance
A personal touch...
Minimum of 500,000 annual kWh savings
Retrofit projects only
Project completed by end of 2014
Request grant money upfront
Incentive up to 50% of project cost capped at $450,000
$1 million grant limit
Think BIG Grant - Results
Think BIG Grant - Overview
Think BIG Grant - Lessons Learned
Contractor pressuring business to submit grant
Relying on contractor to complete tasks
Delay in ordering equipment
Projects changed from grant (kilowatt hour savings less than expected)
Rebate requested for additional lighting projects not in grant
Projects not completed by due date
Make sure they’re willing to share their information (include it in contract)

Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER) - Garfield County
Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) - Roaring Fork Valley
Walking Mountains Science Center Eagle County
Vail Valley
Roaring Fork Valley
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